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[Bitmap Font] Retro Deco

By Pix3M
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Download link is to the right if you are wondering where it is! -> -> ->

This font has a mix of stylized capital letters and not-so-stylized lower-case letters that lets the type be easily read. Type in all caps, you get text that is loud and proud of the quirks inspired by art deco. Generous amounts of spacing between words gives that upscale feel.

version 1.0... in case I make adjustments to this later. This font has quite a bit of work put into kerning so this may look kind of wonky.
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This font is awesome, I love it!

Your font has been submitted to OpenGameArt.org (opengameart.org/content/retro-deco-bitmap-font).  I don't see a license here but the license is CC-BY over there.  You've put this work under a creative commons (by attribution) license?
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I didn't see the CC-BY-SA in the lower right hand corner!  I'm not sure if I misread the license on OGA but I see it's CC-BY-SA there as well (now).

Thanks for the awesome resource!
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I absolutely love all the fonts you've made before! They're unique, but still easily readable; every other time I see a "unique" pixel font, they're an absolute mess haha
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Pix3M Digital Artist
Not sure what the deal is with other 'unique' fonts, but yeah. I do my best to make sure that they're not a mess.