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I'm ok with either PayPal or points (but I have a preference for PayPal.)
Please don't pay until I say you can.

I'm happy to draw
- oc
- male/female or other
- fanart
- fluffy cute couple stuff
- wolves/canines 
won't do
- sexual
- ponies
- sonic
- icons
- cats

Headshot pixel: 400 :points: or 4$

Pixel king icon by Pix-King
Animated is an extra 100 :points: or 1$
Animation choices:
Blink, head bob, mouth open and close

Pixel fullbody: 700 :points: or 7$

pixel king by Pix-King

Sketch 200 :points: or 2$

Art Dump by Pix-King

Headshot: 400 :points: or 4$

Gift: Des by Pix-King headshot GhostyKnights commission by Tainted--Blue Luminous Glow by Pix-King

Halfbody 500 :points: or 5$

The Girls by Pix-KingAbaddon's evil side by Pix-Kingglorious sunlight by Pix-KingDean? by Tainted--BlueFrozen Moon Light by Tainted--Blue 

Fullbody: 700 :points: or 7$

Grimbark Jade by Pix-KingAbaddon ref sheet by Pix-KingDurp by Tainted--Blue fantroll Axloew (speedart) by Pix-King

Reference sheets: 800 :points: or 8$

Please give specific details for this commission
Duncan Ref by Tainted--BlueAustin Refrance by Tainted--BlueAbaddon ref sheet by Pix-King

Hyper-realistic 2000 :points: or 20$

This particular commission will need a real life reference of some kind (for the moment)
I can, however, manipulate the picture to have things like painted wings, eye patch, tattoo, necklace etc added to the painting.

this will take me about 2- 3 days to finish if started straight away.

another character added to the painting will cost another 1000 Points

I do not do this style in full bodies, but I can be persuaded to create a half body for you.
Bleeding Dry [Painting] by Tainted--Blue

+ Background choices

Simple - 100 :points: or 1$  Luminous Glow by Pix-King 

Complex - 250 :points: or 2.50$ glorious sunlight by Pix-King

+ 2 or more characters

200 :points: or 2$ per added character 

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