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Welcome to East Prussia
    Suddenly, I was awake. My eyes flicked open, and sunlight flooded my vision for the first time in...truth be told, I didn’t remember how long. I tried to sit up, only for my forehead to slam into something hard. Lying back down on the unfamiliar surface beneath me, I let some time pass--both to allow the throbbing in my right temple subside, and to give myself a chance to remember where I was. Even with my eyes shut, light pricked the corners of my eyelids. I was somewhere bright--brighter than anywhere I’d been for months. But where? Cautiously, I opened my eyes once more.
    The steel barrel of a heavy machine-gun crossed my vision, outlined against the sky above me.
    "Hello?" I said. Where was I? My memory refused to cooperate on the matter.
    I couldn’t be lying in bed. The surface was too unforgivingly rigid for that. Couldn’t be on the floor, either, unless a violent earthquake was t
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Look on My Works, Ye Mighty
     I know it’s been a long time since last I wrote, Nico. My apologies. What with recent developments, we’ve all been busy lately, dismantling the colony’s administration. Packing it all up like a briefcase. Doubtless you’ll have read about it; I don't trust the newspapers back home to offer an unbiased view of things, but they should at least give you a rough idea of the situation.
     The good news is that I’ll be homeward bound soon enough. After two years’ service as a clerk, these may be the last words I pen in this country. I’m here at the outpost, hunched over my desk, trying to ignore the mosquitoes. Which reminds me: in all my letters, I can’t have mentioned the outpost more than half a dozen times. I always intended to devote an entire letter to it when I had the chance. Best-performing outpost in the province at one point—I told you that much, didn’t I? The secretary-general gave us
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  'Hello? Anyone there?' Felix pulled off his gas mask and stuffed it back in its leather carrier. 'Hello?' he said again, enjoying the sensation of fresh air on his face.
  A pall of fog hugged the ground, drifting slowly across the landscape. It was so thick that Felix, who'd spent the last few hours wandering between the hedgerows with no one but Leni for company, hadn't caught sight of the town until he was almost alongside it. If he'd happened to lift his head just couple of moments later, he might have gone right past it without ever knowing it was there. But fortunately, he'd looked up at just the right time to see a jumbled assemblage of buildings, huddled in the middle of a clearing like a spider in the middle of its web. Surrounding the town, Alpine forest – tall, dark pines than smothered the Tyrolean Crownland with their serried mass – effectively blocked the rest of the countryside from view.
  Now, Felix rode through the deserted streets, on the
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I recently found a notebook of mine that had some old stuff I'd written when I was 11. This story I remember because it was based on a particularly odd dream I'd had. It's not written well (I was only 11)  but the content..well, I find it interesting.  I haven't edited it in any way from how it was written down.
I was walking along eating custard from a bowl when suddenly a dromeosaur jumped out of the bushes. At first I wondered what it was doing, before remembering the favourite food of all dinosaurs: custard. Normally I would have dropped the bowl and ran but I was in a mood for custard, so I stood where I was. For a moment the dinosaur looked at me, then it charged at top speed with moon-shaped claws glinting. I knew I couldn't stay where I was any more: this dromeosaur clearly had not had custard for a long time, and nothing was going to stop it.
I climbed up a nearby tree to think about my position. As a palaeontologist I sho
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TF2 Shotgun Test with Flash by PivotShadow TF2 Shotgun Test with Flash :iconpivotshadow:PivotShadow 1 1 Make a RED Outta You by PivotShadow Make a RED Outta You :iconpivotshadow:PivotShadow 14 3


Merry Christmas! by Hyrotrioskjan Merry Christmas! :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 262 32
Mature content
Scared: A Guide to Writing Horror :icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 51 42
Stone Age Timeline by Pelycosaur24 Stone Age Timeline :iconpelycosaur24:Pelycosaur24 183 47 Dreams of Eemian 2 by Eurwentala Dreams of Eemian 2 :iconeurwentala:Eurwentala 359 15
Stone Age Movies - Alpha (2018)
You can find the previous review of the series here :) Stone Age Movies - AO - the last hunter (2010)
I finally saw the new movie Alpha (2018) directed by Albert Hughes and starring Kodi Smit-McPhee. Lets see if it lived up to the hype!
Setting: The movie takes place 20.000 BP in France. This is also the first movie that refers to a specific archeological time period, as it was originally called “the Solutrean”. With the setting the movie is also right on time since the Solutrean dates from 22.000 to 17.000 BP.

Storyline: A young man is separated from his clan during a hunt and must fight his way back home. On the way he befriends a wounded wolf.

Personal Enjoyment:
I was kind of right expecting this movie to have a very YA feel to it, but I was also right in that I would love it because of that! This is a very
:iconpelycosaur24:Pelycosaur24 14 89
Welcome to THE GAUNTLET, the event where you find out how hard you can write before it kills you! The prompts are arranged according to brutality: they get more challenging with each previous one completed.  Last year, we had no fewer than seven people finish all nine prompts without loss of life or limb, which is downright UNACCEPTABLE. Therefore, we’ve decided to once again challenge you all to test your mettle with this series of weaponised prompts, so we can line you all up posthumously and see who is the nastiest, gnarliest, touch-as-nailsest SOB in town. In short, prepare to be smacked around by these heavy-calibre prompts until you either live on as undisputed Top Dog or as a stain on the pavement.
Warcries, if you please.

Because str
:iconbattlefairies:BATTLEFAIRIES 48 566
After the mourning comes the anger by Hyrotrioskjan After the mourning comes the anger :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 351 44 In memory of 20 million lost speciemens by Hyrotrioskjan In memory of 20 million lost speciemens :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 580 114
Footprints Overlapping
“How much further?” his brother shouted from the next boat.  
The man looked at the shoreline and back at the water as he held his oar steady. The sun was still high in the sky, but the waves made it difficult for any of them to catch more fish from the boats.
As he considered the question, a wave crashed into the side of the boat and splashed water into it, causing his son to shriek and almost drop his own oar as he raised a hand to guard his face.
His wife looked up from their daughter to grab at their son, keeping him from tipping out of the boat while scolding him. She raised a hand and pointed at the shore, not pausing as she spoke to their son and then gestured for them both to start paddling again.
He nodded and aimed the boat towards the shore. The other boat carrying his brother and his family followed, leading the rest of the boats that traveled with them.
The oars struck the kelp as they paddled towards shore. Birds squawked overhead as they moved towards th
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 5 2
His Name Changed Generations
    The toddler's life held true in the midst of murder and destruction. His name was to pass down through many generations, and the story of how it was received was told over and over again, and will be told yet again. But on November 30, 1864, the little boy stood covered in old blood, hand in his mouth, silent and stunned. Everyone he'd known was dead. They surrounded him, all dead.
    It was the day after the Sand Creek Massacre, referred to by the man who caused it as "The Battle of Sand Creek." There was no battle. It had been a simple camp set up by Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, right by Sand Creek in Indian Territory. It was set up as advised by the U.S. Army. The Indians in the camp also flew a white flag for safety, just as they were told. There were only old men, women and children in the camp, as warrior-age men were sent elsewhere. There was no battle.
    U.S. Calvary Commander John Chivington knew about the camp, there in Southeastern Color
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 11 25
Turning Points: A Historical Fiction Contest

Everyone did a super great job entering, and this was a very, very tough decision, but we finally settled on three in an order we could all agree upon and wow, you guys. Even if you didn't win, you're getting a feature, and some of you might expect some other things in your future.

CONGRATS to the winners below!

Here was the latest contest

Turning Points

Throughout the history of every culture there have been turning points, divergences where one action leads to a domino effect of others, or what once taken, other actions are no longer an option. Sometimes these turning points are obvious ones: a major battle won, a landmark decision made, a treaty signed, a bomb dropped. But sometimes they're subtle: one road taken instead of another, one soldier's life is spared, one pamphlet is printed that later becomes the basis of something huge.
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 56 100
Mayan Azhdarchid by Hyrotrioskjan Mayan Azhdarchid :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 350 39 WW1 - French equipment by AndreaSilva60 WW1 - French equipment :iconandreasilva60:AndreaSilva60 292 93 At the seaside by LucyNickBakura At the seaside :iconlucynickbakura:LucyNickBakura 2 3
Mature content
Tomorrow Will Be Better :iconnightchildmoonchild:nightchildmoonchild 4 9
Shaking hands with Death by sandara Shaking hands with Death :iconsandara:sandara 13,931 908



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