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Pregger Ponies

Sooooo I have sketched pregnant mane six a while back, and thought it'd be funny to make funny characteristics/personalities they would have during their pregnancy(s). thus the image above was born!
below are some small paraghraphs describing the mane 6's characteristics during pregnancy. This was just for pure fun (though everything below is cannon to (Pitterverse)

The Elements of Pregnany

1.) Rarity: The Craver - Rarity is the type to crave a specific and odd food in the middle of the night, and poor Fancy is the one to go out and gather what his love is asking (nagging) for. Her favorite treat, Icecream, generally pink in color it didnt matter what flavor it was. Along with a sweet treat she wanted salty, so hay fries or the occasional pickle. Besides this shameful but secret habit, she was rather pleasent during her pregnancy. She managed to continue working the boutique and she kept herself busy around the house. Though after Ritzy was born she insisted no more children "It's terrible for her figure."   

2.) Pinkie Pie: The Tempormental - Pinkie has abrupt mood swings while she's pregnant, and this catches Cheese and (later) her family off guard. When Pinkie and Cheese were not yet married he had to experience her bizarre behavior. One moment she'll be happy and perky, but then a minute later she could be crying or angry. After Pinkie's first pregnancy Cheese knew what to expect. So when Pinkie became expecting once again Cheese was prepared, with bags equiped with all kinds of items. Pinkie claimed he's overreacting... though everypony knew he wasn't, but they keep that to themsleves. After having 3 foals, half the town knew what to expect.  (temped to call her the Mood Swinger)

3.) Rainbow Dash: The Depressed - Raindow finds that she's depressed when pregnant. During Dash's first pregnancy Soarin was too busy working to tend to her, so Rainbow looked to her friends for assistance. Specificly Apple Jack. AJ knows what it was like not to have her husband around especially during pregnancy, so she helpd rainbow out with advice or simple favors. Soarin wasn't present when Sky rocket was born, but AJ was, and thats  how she became Sky's Godmother. After Sky was born, RD was strugling with her marriage, and after a few years she concieved again. This was her attempt to fix problems between her and her spouse, but Soarin left Rainbow before Flying colors was born. So RD experienced both pregnancies alone (for the most part). 

4.) Fluttershy: The Irritated - Fluttershy, the kind-hearted soul she is, flips a switch when pregnant. No pony can get anything pass the mare. Her "stare" is out 24/7, and this intimidates others. The most nocticable trait is she becomes easily irritated, and has trouble controlling her outbursts. When his wife gets this way, Bulk will try to calm her down with neck messages (ex: It's Destiny), but if this doesnt work he'll suggest she should go brew some tea, which removes her from the situatuion. But if her bother shows up (all hell breaks loose) Its  uncertain what will happen... It's not that she's irritated with her soon-to-be child, its more so that her tollerence to endure her everyday routine is the weaken. No pony can get anything pass her either. Though after Niagara is born, Fluttershy and Bulk agree no more. Fluttershy doesnt want to treat her friends and family in such a way.

5.) Twilight Sparkle: The Prepared - Twilight, as the name suggests, was immensely prepare for pregancy. She read every book to know what to expect, and when she concieved she began reading books on how to raise a child in the most educational way. Flash was very supportive on Twilights 'research" he knew it calmed her nerves. Even though flash was still working at the time he would always make sure there was somepony/creature to check up on her while he was away. When it was time for Harmony to be born, Flash was present. Having all this support helped Twilight to be content during this experience. Plus the years she "helped" Tempest raise Arashi bossted her confidence as well. After Harmony was born, Twilight decided no more kids. Her reasoning Harmony was nothing compare to what she had in mind, and having both Harmony and Arashi to raise.... she just had her hooves full. 

6.) Apple Jack: The Drozy - Apple Jack is a hard worker, and even though she was expecting she always insisted that she tended to the orchard. Even agaisnt her family's wished. No pony could stop her, so they just kept and eye on her. Big Mac was the one to find out that AJ had sleeping spells. She willing be in the middle of something and then sleep... just ike that. Her family felt that she was working to much a making her self tuckered out. The reason she kept busy was to take her mind off of Flim, who was off to Las Pegasus or Celestia knows where. Too keep her from cursing herself for marrying the fool. When the twins were born, Flim finally came home to "help AJ, but her didnt do much. When he was talking about leaving again, Apple Jack gave him and ultimatum; to either stay, or to not come back at all. He chose to leave. And so, AJ and the Apple family raised the 2. 

Ahaha well I had fun with these! Yes some were melancholy, but others amusing, I tried to keep a light heartd tone troughout...
I hope you all enjoy 

Art/Concepts ©:iconpitterpaint:
Characters ©Hasbro

No copying or stealing 

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I feel for some of the girls.

CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
Poor Rainbow Dash and AJ!
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Not sure how I came across but reading it helped me calm down. I was really anxious and this distracted me, I really like it the writing is amazing! I hope I'm like Twi when I'm pregnant someday lol.^^
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My girls need cafuné, biscuits and hot chocolate. 
Poor thing of my Rainbow Dash, come here.
Rainbow Dash (sad) plz 

I really enjoyed her art, giving a context beyond, showing several faces of being pregnant.
Sunset Shimmer EqG (clapping) plz 
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I am so happy you enjoyed this! yeah RD has it rough but she will get through this and be able to find love again ^v^ 
Thank you! :heart:
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I love seeing them like this. Gives them another form of beauty. :love: Seeing this almost makes me want to draw more of these ponies as pregnant. :iconiwantitplz:
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This is very well thought out and thorough. 
PitterPaint's avatar
aw I'm very thankful! thanks for reading, and I appreciate you comment 
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I can't believe that I haven't found your art sooner.  
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hahaha its all good! I want to thank you for the watch :D
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No problem! Your sister had a link to your profile so I checked it out ^.^
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This is amazing! 
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Thank you so much! :D
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"The reason she kept busy was to take her mind off of Swindle"

Did you mean to put Flim instead of Swindle?
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Oh yus, that is what I meant, I did fix it and some other grammar problems, thank you ^v^'
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I'm pretty sure thats what she means.
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These are beautiful! and perfect! poor rainbow dash my poor girl <33 she has some good friends and I hope she finds love in your verse, *cough cough* Quibble!! <33
PitterPaint's avatar
awww thanks so happy ya think so! yeah she has a rough life in pitterverse, but thats ok she will most likely find love (0 v ^)b
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Where is Soarin presently in your story?

Asking cause I have to return this crowbar soon and want to get as much use out of it as possible.
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hahahahaha ummm.. I-I dont know Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] 
(please put the crow bar down, I know he sucks lol) 
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Are they both still in the Wonderbolts? It would be pretty awkward if they still had to see each other everyday.
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