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Your and my mouth

World full of your mouth...xD
:heart: :heart::heart:
stupid face
Cool face
bad face
funny face
and so on.....
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I laughed when I saw this. ^^
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muy buena serie
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it is funny lol!!!!
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:la: I must say, after 10 hours of dull work and major sleep deprivation, this is soooooo refreshing for my mind :) awe.....(wait for it!)...SOME! :D :D
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Your mouth is very hot.


..a-and also, thankx for the references
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No, really! ;D
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I wonder if I am the only one that started mimicking the expressions after viewing the image. xD
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What a great reference - thanks for uploading this - ZOMG I love the first one on the 4th row - "Nyeh, seeeeee??"
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Very funny!
Like it.
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u have a gorgeous mouth.
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isn't this just kind of a rip of [link] ...lots are the same and the amount of collumns and rows are the same too....hmm
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No,sorry but i didn't know about this picture which you posted me.But that picture is better than mine :)
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how expressive :) this is really cool
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This totally looks like something I would do.
I always have a goofy expression on my face.

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hahaha nice concept!
hustě ty xDto je hezký a i vtipný x)
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Jé, to mi před státnicema zvedlo náladu, díky :)
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:) tak hodně štěstí
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