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Lara Render 24

This is my version of the New and Young Lara from the New Tomb Raider...

Morphs: By Me
Texture: P3D Jenifer (Specular Maps and SSS Shader By Me)
Ligthing: By Me
Pose: By Me
Background: By Me (Photoshop Cs4)

Rendered in Poser Pro 2012
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where did you learn that ? it looks amazing! : )
also, do i need to be talented in drawing to make 3D stuff ? ^^
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Nope... I love drawing... but it's really different to 3d!
BleedinglHeart's avatar
Oh, i see : ) but i still think i can't Make a human body or FACE without the skill of drawing : ( 
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Excellent render; that's probably the most natural form of her busty chest that I've ever seen. Awesome proportioning dude (Y)
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MamaMangle's avatar
fucking beautiful. this one and render 23 remind me of billie piper too!! :drool: which is good because she'd make a great lara with the right hair, make up and clothes. rambling.
im inlove with your lara renders dear! just ridiculously gorgeous :iconsweethugplz:
Pitoxlon's avatar
Thank you very much! I really love Lara so I try my best every time that I create a render with her :)
MamaMangle's avatar
and it shows. :hug: you're so very welcome ^_^
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holy shit !!!
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This outfit: what's it called and where did you get it? I'm guessing it's the same one as in this render (

I'm looking into making a couple of Lara renders myself, but I won't settle for anything less than the actual outfit. The character and morphs I'll worry about later, but I have to say that from all the Lara Croft fan-art I've ever seen, I like your character/morphs and renders the most.
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Treasure Hunter... and thank you
SkatingJesus's avatar
Superb picture! And nice dirt effect!
Pitoxlon's avatar
Could be Jennifer Laurence from The Hunger Games
Pitoxlon's avatar
Yup.. that's true
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Are you the guy who made the underworld box art? If not, you reproduced the effects pretty damn well.
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Nope.. I didn't and thanks :)
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