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Pit of War - Female War Gladiator

Concept: Alex Boca
Painting: Viktor Titov
For the game Pit of War - [link]

The armies of the Great Realm send the very best of their soldiers to be trained by the Warmasters of this specialty. Disciplined, professional and utterly ruthless, those inducted into the arts of War are without mercy on the battlefield. Known and feared as the elite warriors of the Great Realm, their bouts are spectacles of terrifying skill and absolute precision. Trained to wield innumerable weapons and clad in brutally designed armour, the War gladiator is a consummate killer of men. Those who survive the arena become the most feared champions, great leaders and merciless generals. An army led by a warrior trained in this manner will sweep all before it in a tide of bloodshed.
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Now, that’s a woman with attitude... and an enormous hammer!
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Hot warrior babe!