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A new Blackbox site was recently created to gap the void left by the demise of the three Blackbox sites that kept the BB for Windows community together since 2001: lostinthebox, bb4win and boxshots. Old, wise and respected figureheads that owned those sites, like tres’ni and NC-17, have gone on to other pastures and although Blackbox remains a fond memory, it’s all in the past for them. However, they did bless this new site with their best wishes for success.

This new niche, www.blackbox4windows.com combines the characteristics of all three sites into one including news, forum, downloads, uploads and live chat.

Created by yours truly with the help of my good friend adni18, one of the most prolific Windows artists and skinners around, the site aspires to become, among other things, a repository of Blackbox styles, themes and builds (core and plugins) and a vehicle for developers and users to get together and bring Blackbox to the next step of its existence.

Blackbox4Windows is hoping you’ll join us – not only you Blackbox style authors and users, but also wallpaper and icon artists, since there is a special section destined to help users decorate their desktops. There is also a niche for Linux Blackbox/Fluxbox/Openbox users AND a gallery where you can show off your screenshots, your themes and your wallpapers.

Come over, folks, you are all needed for a new start in the world of, perhaps, the best shell replacement around.


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How can I see to the fruition of the Black Box site?:o

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What do you mean? It's up there :) http://blackbox4windows.com

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Yes, I know. Let me rephrase: What can I bring to the table to benefit the site... besides myself...anything?

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LOL... Some cookies would be nice. :D

Yourself is more than enough, my friend :)

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Do you recommend using bbLean with win10? I´m using it right now but can notice some weird this..
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Hi! Use BBZero, bblean is OLD! If you are not a member already, join us on www.blackbox4windows.com Sorry for my late reply, I was away...
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zup my boxian buddy? ;)
i hope to be useful to the community. i do construction work but i'll find time to pump out some concept artwork if nothin' else. 
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It's a pleasure having you with us! Welcome aboard! :)
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Congratulations for the new site! I still using BlackBox in Windows and I love it. :la:
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Thanks so much! Glad to hear you are still a Blackboxer! Come over and join us! :D
pitkon's avatar
Thanks so much! Come over and join us! :)
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woohooo, Congrats guys!
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Thanks, Ali! Why haven't you joined yet? :D We need your great walls! :hug:
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Hey, congrats the "new" Forums.

<visited>  I like the new layout;  I like what I see.

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Hey, S! Like I chatted on the site, I had lost your e-mail addy and didn't know how to contact you. Please note me your addy, willya? I am happy you like the forums, but it's actually more than that. It's news and galleries combined, in short bb4win, boxshots and lostinthebox put together! :)
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Congratulations!!! Congratulation balloon Congratulation balloon 
I'm delighted to read these good news from YOU!
I have the honor to be a member already,
Thanks for creating such a place for us all *box* fans and users.

pitkon's avatar
The pleasure is all mine, dear Paz! And we're looking forward to your excellent themes and screenshots! :)
Paz-1's avatar
I'll pick them carefully and upload some, thank you kindly! :D
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