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The wallpaper is based on the artwork "The Wanderer"  by DraakeT with the artist's permission.
Icons are Brushed by Synt0xx used with his permission.
The font is Enchanted Land, a freebie by Dennis Ludlow.
Everything on the desktop is Blackbox-created. No Rainmeters, no Window Styles, no third party apps.
The wharf is included in the zip file, but it's mainly a template, since your apps and/or the paths to them differ from mine. You can edit bbinterface.rc or the wharf itself by right-clicking on it and add your own apps and paths. OR, you can ask me to do a custom bbinterface for you and I will gladly do it, free of charge.
For more information on Blackbox, latest builds, plugins, chat and information, visit and, if you are still wondering what Blackbox is, read this…
© 2020 - 2021 pitkon
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b.u.ti.full thx

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That is AMAZING!!!

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is it affect Blackbox theme manager any future windows 10 original updates

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You show us here what IS a dark theme. What could be more appropriate for a Blackbox?

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LOL... Thanks so much, Gilles! :)

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Always such a pleasure, Pete. :)

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Thanks sooooo much, dear Barb! :hug:

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this is wonderful . Keep them coming .

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Thanks so much, Vynt! :)

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Thank you, my friend! :)

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Excellent work Pete, as always!

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You honor me, Nikos, thank you! :)

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s9 Very Beautiful Pete !!!

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Thanks so much, Gloria! :)

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:heart:So Welcome Pete :rose:

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"When the devil comes to town

He will appear dressed in black

He shall arise upon white horses

Fallen angels on their back

Don't bother with forgiveness

Salvation can't be found

He will strike upon the righteous

And shall burn the heavens down"

"When the Devil calls" by "blue Saraceno"

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Wow, very apt. Thanks for this!

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