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Red Devil

Fourth and final part of a car tetralogy. The wallpaper is Mercedes AMG GTS by d-ninara with his permission. d-ninara is a VERY gifted artist and his car drawings are really amazing, in some cases better-looking than the real thing. His coloring is also exquisite and it some Motor Vehicle Company don't snatch him fast, it's their loss. A visit to his gallery will prove my point.
Everything on the desktop is Blackbox-created. No Rainmeters, no Window Styles, no third party apps.
The wharf is included in the zip file, but it's mainly a template, since your apps and/or the paths to them differ from mine. You can edit bbinterface.rc or the wharf itself by right-clicking on it and add your own apps and paths. OR, you can ask me to do a custom bbinterface for you and I will gladly do it, free of charge.
For more information on Blackbox, latest builds, plugins, chat and information, visit and, if you are still wondering what Blackbox is, read this…
© 2020 - 2021 pitkon
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Super sleek and love the way the menus n toolbars go with it!

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Thanks so much, Carl! :)

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Beautiful work!

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Thanks, Nikos, means so much coming from you! :)

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That is one bloomin' gorgeous vehicle, colouring of the menus are a great match as well :)

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Thanks so much, my good friend! :)

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Great theme u know i love red color

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I think we both love red :D :nod: After all, our teams wear red :)

Thanks so much, my friend!

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It maybe a sin to love this demon. But I couldn’t give any less of a damn. :clap:

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LOL Indeed...

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Really neat job mate!

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Glad you liked it, my friend! Thank you! :)

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nice on red Pete !!

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Thanks so much, Riki!

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Thanks so much, Gilles! :)

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With pleasure, Pete! :)

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I love red! This is a classy car but what confuses me are the boxes around it. Yes I did read the references you suggest reading but they are Greek to me. Is there a version "Blackbox for Dummies?"

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LOL thanks!

The boxes are menus to navigate on your computer, among other things. You can read this

and then you can always ask me about how to install and use BB. Piece of cake, to be honest :)

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An explanation of how it works.......

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You can always join us on and find some of the answers you are looking for. I will provide the rest :) And you just gave me an idea for a rookie tutorial... :)

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Thanks so much! :)

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