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Second of a car tetralogy. The wallpaper is "Need For Speed" by JimKing with his permission. The tape recorder icon is by arcanamoon with his permission
Everything on the desktop is Blackbox-created. No Rainmeters, no Window Styles, no third party apps.
For more information on Blackbox, latest builds, plugins, chat and information, visit and, if you are still wondering what Blackbox is, read this…
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" Spent all of my life breaking all the rules!

Stepping out of line, the streets are my school!

Can't get enough, all the good time!

Down and live it up, while stand alive!"

"Live it up" by "Airbourne"

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Soooo good! :) Thanks for this.

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welcome to Eclipse Pete !!

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Thanks, Riki! I welcome you too :) Truth is, I like Eclipse :D

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Great job..

I am watching you but never got any kind of notice to this submission wonder why.? Only noticed when I looked at group submissions.

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Thanks so much, Rich!

As for missing submissions, happens all the time. Happened on the old DA too, so I can't really blame Eclipse for that... :)

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Good work Pete! :hug:

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Many thanks, dear friend! :hug:

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Cool music player too!

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Thanks, sed. Plays OUR music :D

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This is so SUPER Pete !!!

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Thanks so much, dear Gloria! :D

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so welcome Pete :hug:

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Great work and look my friend!

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Thanks, dear friend, means a lot! :)

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You honor me, thank you! ;)

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You're welcome. :)

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Nice work, Pete.


DA, take your design and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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Thanks so much, Richard! As for the DA design... LMAO. But you should try the black theme. Really cool.

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Thanks for the credits Pete!

I will not use it but looks great! I like the metallic style ;)

(I'm trying to figure out how the new damn DeviantArt style works)

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Thank YOU for the collaboration, my friend!

Well, I can help you use it if you're interested :D

(No big deal - I mean Eclipse. You'll get accustomed to it, not that bad) :)

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