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All you have to do is unzip Blackbox under C:\Blackbox (rename your Blackbox folder if you already use Blackbox), restart (if you already use Blackbox) and either double click on Blackbox.exe or use a shell switcher like ShellOn (if you haven't used Blackbox before) and enjoy.
With the exception of menu icons, everything else is WYSIWYG, including window decoration buttons, wharf icons (only one drawer included with icons as a template, the other drawers include empty buttons you can decorate and link them to your own apps) etc.
The Wallpaper and the wharf inset background are by :iconrafido: [link] [link] [link] included with his permission. Rafido did this wallpaper after my request and I thank him for his time and effort.
I also wish to thank NAOHM1 [link] for bringing this artist and his artwork to my attention.
Again, this theme is for a resolution of 1920X1080 or higher. For lower resolutions, please note me
Anyone who wishes to try Blackbox for the first time, please e-mail me for instructions.
If you want to learn more about Blackbox, I suggest you read an introduction here [link] and my tutorials:
[link] tutorial part I - the shell
[link] tutorial part II - the plugins
[link] tutorial part III - the styles
They are pretty much outdated by now (I MUST find time to bring them up to date... lol) but they will give you a general idea.
And, of course, feel free to ask if you need more info or instructions :)
Some helpful links:
And if you need even more pf my own screenshots and styles than the ones included in my gallery, take a look at [link]
© 2012 - 2021 pitkon
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I can't really talk about the quality of the theme, since I don't have Blackbox, or even Linux, but judging by the quality of the art presented here, I'd say it's damn good. :)
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Thanks so much! YOUR work is amazing too - those excellent portraits!!!!

Blackbox works on Windows too - in fact, it's developed only for Windows now, so I think trying it is worth the time and effort. I can help you, if you are interested.

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You are welcome and thanks to you too, so much!
I liked to customize Windows, and I'd love to try out Blackbox, your screenshots are so tempting!! But the computer I'm currently on has some instability, specifically often when I put my computer to sleep, and when I turn it back on, I see that it has restarted, so all the applications I was working on are closed. It's all the more of a problem because in addition now, on startup, it says "incorrect password", and it asks me to enter one, even though I checked the "start without password" checkbox in the Windows settings, but when I enter it, it accepts it, it is the right one! So there are periods when I find myself having to enter a 20 character password, every time I turn it on, it's quite tedious. All this to say that I'm hesitant to tamper with the shell, for now. Anyway, thank you very much for your offer to help me! :)
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I understand :) What Windows build do you have and have you tried re-installing it?

When you fix this and whenever you feel like it, just note me and I'll help you with Blackbox. Wish you every luck!

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The last update of Windows 10, on a HP laptop. No I didn't. Maybe it could be the solution indeed. I'll look into it. It'd be so awesome to be able to try out your Blackbox, I'm tempted! :D Thanks again! :)
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Most welcome!

You can try Blackbox running it on top of Windows, not as a shell, just to see how it goes, once. Pick any of my full themes that includes a Blackbox. exe, unzip it and simply run Blackbox. exe. Remember, most of the apps are now either in a wharf or, right click on the desktop to bring up the menu and try whatever.

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Hey, my friend, thanks so much! Just got back after 4 long years :) How have you been?

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I'm fine my friend, now I no longer come to deviantart, or rather I visit deviantart a few times in recent years.
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Good to know you are fine! I'm sure you haven't given up your artistic endeavors, it's just that you are too busy, right?

Feel free to e-mail me any time you feel like it!

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wow, this really looks great, well thought out, very good job.
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Thanks so much, you honor me :bow:
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Thanks so much! :)
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pitkon trying to understand themes as astarter!! what is black box!?? n how to set up ??
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The easiest way to reply to this is read my journal on my page and then come and join us on my friend. We'll help you set it up - it's very easy, anyway :)
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glad u are a group of friendly people iam a how u say newbie!!?? love the art work!! ur work!!
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We were all newbies once, would love to help you. And thanks for your kind words, you honor me :bow:
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Thanks so much!
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:) it's my pleasure!
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Nicely placed record and I like the knobs on her arm. :)
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