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The wallpaper is based on the artwork "All Dogs Go To Heaven"  by Ellysiumn deviantart.ellysiumn,… with the artist's permission. Ellysiumn, Gene to his many friends and followers, is not just a VERY talented artist and a Photoshop master; he is a kind and helping person, a real pillar of the community. His warm, helping attitude is just as important as his artistic skills, at least in my book.
Icons, tweaked by me, come from the Litestep theme Project 9 by MHolmesIV and Cael , from 1998. As usual, in my themes I try to pay homage to the great, long gone shell of Litestep that paved the way for a radical transformation of Windows, with Blackbox being the sole alternative shell survivor.
Everything on the desktop is Blackbox-created. No Rainmeters, no Window Styles, no third party apps.
The wharf is included in the zip file, but it's mainly a template, since your apps and/or the paths to them differ from mine. You can edit bbinterface.rc or the wharf itself by ctrl+right-clicking on it and add your own apps and paths. OR, you can ask me to create a custom bbinterface for you and I will gladly do it, free of charge.
For more information on Blackbox, latest builds, plugins, chat and information, visit and, if you are still wondering what Blackbox is, read this…
© 2020 - 2021 pitkon
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installed uxthemepatcher. downloaded this theme. please tell me what i do next? do i copy all of this and put it in another folder?? I could use the help because i totally suk at this stuff.

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Yay, cool retro stuff! :clap:

Ah, LS – those were the days! I loved it so much (except it wasn't Unicode)~

If I were still on Windows, I'd have already used that Blackbox thing also for sure. But after XP, I left it for good in favor of Linux, meanwhile some 15 years ago; and LiteStep had paved my way to it, too. Despite this, in the beginning I used to use it in virtual machines though, giving me a reminiscent mood . . .

(For those interested, find some of my own LS screen shots here in Windows Matters.)

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Thanks so much!

I was one of the first LS user back in 1998, I think. 3 years later I switched to Blackbox and never looked back. Still works like a dream.

I loved your screenshots, btw :)

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Yeah, thx, and me also – I had used LS already in Win98 SE, when it introduced real transparency with its so called Magic Pink – tweaker's heaven, absolutely awesome! If I remember correctly, it was a feature of the early LSdistro fork, which came along with five cool themes ("Notes" was my favorite one). – And it was also the startup of another fast growing screenshot and skinning resource portal, namely deviantART! – Besides, I remember the beautiful minimalist skin "void" made for Gastellu's legacy LS, which I had run in Win95b, and ages before OTS – but unfortunately lost it; you still got that somewhere maybe..?

And I just read, Blackbox was originally Unix/Linux-based, such as LiteStep, which came from AfterStep. So for the praise of open source, yet Windows 9x users were released from the limited Explorer shell! ^^

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Exactly! You know your history :)

I still have most LS distros and about 2,000 themes. Ah, magic pink... :D The memories, the memories...

You know, back then themes were ART and were treated as such by communities. (remember that one? Long before :devart: ) had LS themes on a daily basis and LS themes were talented artists. Too bad the world changed since then and :devart: dropped Desktop Customization almost entirely...

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Very beautiful atmosphere 👍
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Thank you!!!

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Amazing theme i love it

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Thanks sooooo much, dear friend! :)

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I think the sepia tone of this work is excellent! Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1]

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Glad you like it, dear friend! :)

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Pete.. IF you want it FREE

I don't know HOW to inform everyone BUT>>>> When you SUBMIT a work you MUST click DOWNLOAD FREE DA USED to do it automatically

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Thanks, sed. That's what I do EVERY time. It's just that the download icon doesn't appear in some browsers, like mine (I use Opera).

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so beautiful Pete !!!

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Thanks millions, dear Gloria! :)

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:heart: so very Welcome Pete :hug:

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Work and look my friend!

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Happy you like it, dear friend! Thank you! :)

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Spectacular and sweet, relaxing... Great image, and theme. Blackbox, the shell of angels?!... ;)

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What a wonderful way to describe a shell... You are a poet, Gilles! Merci beaucoup pour tout! :)

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