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First of a car tetralogy. The wallpaper is "Darth Vader" by Vynton with his permission. Wharf icons are Megaton by Ian Black.
Everything on the desktop is Blackbox-created. No Rainmeters, no Window Styles, no third party apps.
The wharf is included in the zip file, but it's mainly a template, since your apps and/or the paths to them differ from mine. You can edit bbinterface.rc or the wharf itself by right-clicking on it and add your own apps and paths. OR, you can ask me to do a custom bbinterface for you and I will gladly do it, free of charge.
For more information on Blackbox, latest builds, plugins, chat and information, visit and, if you are still wondering what Blackbox is, read this…
© 2020 - 2021 pitkon
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I love that dark, that Darth side of the Force... I don't know who and how many the authors of Blackbox are, but the Force surely seems to be with you, to know how to get such visually successful results.
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Thanks so much for your inspired words! Blackbox started as a Linux Window Manager in 1999 and was ported one year later to Windows as an alternative shell. You can find out more here

and, of course, download Blackbox from here

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Too epic for it's own good!

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LOL... Thanks, my friend. I think. :D

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Really so wonderful Pete :thumbsup:
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Thanks so much, dear Gloria! :rose:

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is always my pleasure PeteHug 
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Animation Fabulous Heart 1 by LA-StockEmotes    look and work my friend!
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Thanks so much, dear friend!

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Thanks so much!

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Lamborghini!! 😄🙌🙌😄 Woohoo!! Always the finest!!
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The finest indeed :)

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I especially like how the selected highlight offsets the menu.
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Always a good eye for details... Thanks, my good friend! :)

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Wonderful design, Pete :clap:
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Thanks millions, Richard! :)

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Glad you think so! Thank you :)

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