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  • Listening to: Radio Akropolis
  • Reading: Electronic textbook
  • Eating: Pizza
All my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
  • Listening to: Sister's movie
  • Reading: dA help
  • Watching: Sister's movie
  • Playing: Enemy Territory
  • Eating: Sausages
  • Drinking: Fizzy drink
I fell in love with this game! So much fun! Every friend who seen it was enjoying it too (except my sister). Especially Wlk and Fenix, which plays bass guitar and electric guitar in local band. But my fingers were faster the theirs :)
Oh, and…
So i wrote my first regex and i still think it's "executable noise on the line" :D This regex is  for shortening SMSs... you will type "hello mom, I'm fine" and it will shorten it to "helloMom,I'mFine". And finaly the code:
s/ (.)/U1/g
I've graduated, pass exams to collage (Faculty of Information Technology) and my family gave me money for LCD panel. Well, it was only half of money i need, but whatever. So I've bought 19" Fujitsu Siemens P19-2 and I have to say... It's huge and working with Blender on it is pleasure :drool:…
I wrote my first bash script.
:tux: muehehe :devil:
One thousand page views! :excited:
I wrote my first program in assembler. It writes ASCII table, and it has only 15 bytes when you compile it.

mov dl,32
mov ah,2
int 0x21
inc dl
cmp dl,127
jnz vypis
int 0x20
I've bought Half-Life 2 Game of the Year edition, and :jawdrop:
May the Satan eats you alive, and burn in hell all year!
I've got him! :) You can find my first creation in my Scraps ;)
I'm going to buy a tablet this week. It will be Wacom Volito2
My journal is