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What if... Mirkin Survived? by Pitdragon What if... Mirkin Survived? by Pitdragon
Inspired by a comment on Davya Class Reunion, what WOULD Mir'kiin (the poor little ghost from the Reunion) have looked like if he had grown up?

Of course, this isn't probably what people would think of immediately with that question. Usually it is, "What if he never got into the fight with Ariel and grew up normally?" I decided to go for a different scenario.

It is unlikely he would have been delivered to the Vloz'ress after his demise, even less likely he would be alive. But what if he was sent as a "message" from Quain (or even a little bit of gloating)? Unlikely the Vloz'ress would see it as a declaration of war or wish to avenge him - they didn't when he was captured initially. But what if he was delivered, barely alive, and patched up?

I am unsure how best to draw wounds from blunt force trauma (or how to draw such wounds in different places). I decided to go for a thickened skin around the parameter and thin, stretched, sunken skin interior. The center of the chest would show the outline of his repaired ribs and sternum (or replaced). Some of the other ones would be discolored skins with sunken or raised marks where the barbs on the mace were. His lip is disfigured from a glancing blow that bounced off his jaw, leaving only some scarring on his neck (note the bone is somewhat indented, though the thick scar tissue may make it hard to see).

The gem in the center is how he was able to survive long enough to heal - an infused crystal that kept him going, perhaps even a sort of "magical hook" that was used to pull his rib cage up and hold it for it to heal via a magnet-like mana field? Or just something that helps power parts of his new skeletal frame (the replaced bits) due to loss of muscle from the incident?

Still working on hands, the left holds a mask. I also started detailing without removing guide lines, so there might be some left and some redrawn details that are a little off.

His left ear was partly missing in the pages where Ariel meets him on the bridge. A couple of scars, like his forehead ones, and the one on his right cheek, were also on those pages. He must've barely survived a demon back home on break! Other scars are added to make it appear he's been in battle, including the terrible attempts of yours truly to make those mace scars. His nose is also odd looking from being broken - it tilts to face you even though he's looking to the side.

I tend to do these "3/4 profiles" a lot. :/ Also this is a reduced size from a 300dpi scan (picture was over 2000pixels on the width!) and cropped as well to remove a lot of white space.
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chocolate-rebel Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008   Digital Artist
it might only be because I watched kill bill recently, but that's exactly what comes to mind when I see Mir'kiin's expression :D
Pitdragon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
Uma does do her eyebrows like that, now that I think of it...
suntiger745 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
You know, that does look pretty probable.

Did they attach a jewel to his sternum, above the bruised/flayed part?
Pitdragon Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
Yeah, I'd say his sternum, embedded in the old repaired bone or in a new "bone" (if some sort of golem-like replacement). I wouldn't be surprised if most of his skeleton from his chest to his legs was replaced. Crushed bones would be hard to knit together over such a huge range (and I don't think she bashed his arms too much).

Also looking back it seems his chest and leg sizes are kinda scrawny compared to his arms. So perhaps a definite atrophy of muscles in those regions. Yes, I'm making stuff up for my bad body ratios. XD
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October 12, 2008
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