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Training Sarghress Smiths by Pitdragon Training Sarghress Smiths by Pitdragon
Sepa'susi, showing two young apprentices how to grind the blade after its forging. I'm sure the Sarghress probably also have a grinder wheel for this work, but I could see her showing the old-fashioned way with files and stones to get apprentices to understand the process. And to keep the chicks from forcing the guys to do all the pedaling on said wheel - punishment would be to pick up a file and go to work like this! (Well, maybe a better setup, like leaving the blade on the anvil. A table like that would probably be rough on her right hand.)

Sepa would be a tough overseer in the smithy, she'd be like a drill sergeant in some ways I guess. Never holding back, even on the most shy. But outside the smith she'd be calmer, probably a little less rough with the shy and unsure. But she'd be a good teacher, and is very too-the-point and honest. I'd hesitate to say "brutally honest" because that usually an excuse for assholery. She doesn't pretty things up but she doesn't also go out of her way to be antagonistic. Blunt and sharp are her words, but with no cruelty behind them.

Sepa'susi is the OC I designed a while back as a challenge. She has tattoos all over her chest, back, and upper arms. She wears clothing with either no collars and sleeves sewn on or those parts torn off, and a leather hangerok as an apron. She shaves her head and wears a kerchief to keep sweat out of her eyes, so she's either bald or has a light bit of fuzz on her head at the moment. Her right leg should look odd - she was severely injured in the battles after the Skyhole incident, where her wolf mount Ranga also died (the fuzzy thing hanging near her left arm from the chain between those broaches is a tuft of Ranga's hair, and the wolf-spirit design on her arm also represents Ranga). The leg is skinnier and causes her to limp. She also has metal-affinity.

Perhaps there is chocolate in plain-sight in the forge, but none will touch it outside of a large bet, lest they face the wrath of the Limper.
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April 13, 2013
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