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Moirekosh, Enar of Voisk by Pitdragon Moirekosh, Enar of Voisk by Pitdragon
My Voisk guys didn't come to Chel alone.  While Voisk riys do go out and pick up mercenary work and the like, Rabulav's riy was one of three chosen to accompany an Enar to Chel.  Enari are those "of the mind," Empaths (possibly Seers too if that can happen outside the groups we've seen, though they'd be very few).  They are separate of most of the harem system of the Voisk - males and females dress the same, act the same, and are accorded the same respect one would give to someone who can alter your emotional state.  Dressing the same right down to armor for war when called.

Voisk would send an Enar to be an ambassador or a negotiator, believing that gives the best advantage to them.  If the party they meet does not do the same, then that is their loss in the Voisk mind - why not use your best tools to your advantage?  So Moirekosh was sent to Chel to act as a gatherer of information or be a point of contact for Voisk riys that find themselves traveling to Chel with pillaged goods and slaves.  Sent with armor that mimics the Summoner-warrioress of old, as the Voisk believe in good impressions, but of course flavored with Moirekosh's own devotion to her people to remind people where her allegiances always lie.  In peace, the riys with her would wander between the Great Clans, hiring out and bringing her back information.  In these more turbulent times, they have been called back to her, and she has spent more time among the Nal'sarkoth, waiting for word on how to engage the current conflict or if a return to the homelands are in order.

As an Enar, Moirekosh is versed in many languages and keeps up with shifts in culture.  She also is probably one of the few Voisk females that engage with males in song and dance, since normally that is something males do to entertain their mates and families in their culture.  Her eye was damaged in a hunt she was on long ago in the mountains above the Mist Sea, and her remaining one is icy cold when she assesses those who come before her.  She is tall, deep voiced, and commanding, but not cruel or overly harsh - little Taiga can evoke a warm smile from her with his antics, and she enjoys a good joke, especially laconic humor.   Ambassador, mentor, watcher.

Her name comes from a mush of things - Morkosh (slavic goddess), Moirai (Greek Fates), and a bit of inspiration from Mor'du (Brave) with the dark pelt and the eye scar (plus the axes, a staple of his old human form).  Also went with red-orange hair because her name also sounds close to "morkov (морковь)," Russian for "carrot," which amused me. I might work on her face uncovered since there's all that space to the left, I just have to pin it down exactly in my mind's eye.  Those eyes from behind helm and veil is a common appearance for her.

Voisk are some brain babble I created, inspired from the :icondrowtales: comic universe.
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