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Isaname Qin'dalasque by Pitdragon Isaname Qin'dalasque by Pitdragon
A long time ago I made a character for the forum RP for Drowtales... and did nothing with her. I couldn't find a place that I felt she was insertable, so I just sorta left her. I had another idea to include her as a main character in a fan story about a member of the Qin'dalasque (my Tu'suust) who grew up in Chel and would return to the Qins completely confused by their culture, but I didn't do anything with that either.

Tu'suust appeared in Chapter 37 of Drowtales: Moonless Age as a bodyguard for Kyo'nne, so I figured I'd show Tsu's adopted mother here. Isaname is a trader for the Qins, running their "outpost" in Chel - really a trade and information point for them. She is one of the rare Qins with no hidden face, which affords her some ability to move about and hob-nob with other traders while keeping her from being targeted for clan information (many would assume someone who is less of a secret for that clan would not have juicy details of their inner workings, and they'd be a bit right, especially since Isa has been busy with outside-clan info and trade). Isaname took in Tu about the time of the coup attempt in the Qin, when Tsu's mother was killed for backing the wrong side (that is, the side that lost).

Isaname is a motherly type, she takes care of Qins that come through her station and is easy to talk to despite her no-nonsense attitude. She is often wearing a fox-fur shawl over a kimono shirt.
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