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Haf'yasan Sullissin'rune

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Published: March 14, 2014
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Ever wonder if empaths can sort of "make" you like them?  Well, not to say that you didn't take a fancy to them, but always when you are around them, all your doubts take a back seat, the annoyances are not a huge deal, and every little thing you like about them or want of them is amplified?  "Must be love," you think, drunk on the emotion.

And then they're gone.  And suddenly your memories are strained, you feel like something is missing.  "Must be grief," you want to say, but... no, it isn't quite right.  You can't quite function, you begin to wonder if you ever cared about them, and if your life was a lie.

Haf'yasan is edging that area.  He was a master at Orthorbbae when he caught the eye of Ab'ireo Val'Sullissin'rune.  He liked her well enough, found her attractive... but whenever he was not around her, he felt oddly not as happy.  His curiosity kept bringing him back, and next thing he knew he had a life with her.  Ups and downs seemed like an expected thing in a relationship, and even though he had never been one to settle down before, he wondered if this was it.  Occasionally he'd catch her looking at him with a bit of sorrow or guilt, but he always figured she felt guilty for pulling him from his studies at Orthorbbae.  Which was silly of her, he was happy with his Val mate.

The war came, and things became more strained.  They fought more, but he was comforted by every time they could see one another, even though he felt more frustrated just after her leaving and for a while when she'd return.  He became a foci maker for the Sarghress war machine, as earth foci became standard for various units.  Then he found himself training grunts and leaders alike in them.  And as the war became more hotter, he was put in patrols himself to assist in tearing down Sharen barricades and help get around sabotaged roads.

And then, she was gone.  A nether summoner's gate was too much, she was injured from exploding sealing gems and heavily tainted.  She didn't last long.

And now, Yasan is lost.  He had been drinking and trying out various drugs as the war wore on him, as their times together and apart became harder.  But now he has thrown himself into it.  And yet, nothing works.  Every thought, every memory, is second guessed in his grief as he tries to pull himself together.  He keeps thinking he should have left long ago, and both surprised and not by the thought.  Brothels are a temporary relief, he becomes irate around anyone.  The looks of pity anger him the most - he remembers her looks of guilt and wonders if that was just pity too.  Pity for what she made him.  Perhaps there was love, but now that he is without her he'll always question if it was or not.  He's gonna need someone to sit him down and sort him out, but with the war and Abi's death being fresh, there just hasn't been time yet.

Wasn't sure if I wanted them to have kids or not, but I liked the line he was muttering so perhaps they did.  He's a decent enough dad, a better one in the past, but he tries to put on a different face around them and uses the distance that war forces on him as a way for them not to see him like this.  He hates himself more for not being able to be with them while they grieve their mother too, but he isn't stable enough to be what they need.  And who knows how their grandmother and aunts feel about having him there.

Came up with the idea while wondering about the effects of an empath "training" someone to want to be with them, to the point that they are addicted to the empath's presence.  Yes, companionship still can grow, but the realization that the initial situation was forced might have a bad impact on the "victim."  Add in war, grief, and drugs, and things just get nasty.

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