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Flowers and Rags
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By Pitdragon   |   Watch
Published: September 10, 2016
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I came to you dressed in flowers and rags
Your song on my lips and the sun on my back

- "Still Kill", Delerium, Music Box Opera

The song is a bit more about a bad relationship, but those words seemed to feel very Shinae.  While she was "adopted" to be a twin to Chrys'tel, her whole life revolved around Zala'ess when it comes right down to it.  Zala'ess' approval had more bearing on her existence than Chrys'tel's, as seen with how torn she was before the time skip when it came to Chrys'tel's decision to explore the truth against her mother's wishes.  Even if she was never loved by Zala'ess, to be acknowledged in some way, to be approved of, was something heavily worked into Shinae's mind, leading to her never consider life outside the Sharen... as if that were possible, as time and again we'd hear that there was only one way out of a twin's "duty," and that was death.

But Zala'ess would never care for one not of her blood, never truly acknowledge her.  And over time a girl who just wanted to be a part of a family became a bitter servant.  Once she might have offered flowers in hopes of a smile (and possibly been yelled at for picking them from the Royal Gardens), now she offers them in a much more sinister way to give a little suffering to the woman that caused her much anguish.

Chrys and Gailen are there as sort of bright points and regrets in her life.  The insignias, faded and worn and blood-spattered for the top two, just sort of tie current events together.

Drowtales belongs to :icondrowtales:

*This may or may not be the finished product.  Depends on how I feel about playing with skin shading and all of that in Procreate (which has a bit of a learning curve at times). 
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Great picture, if also a quite sad one...
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I think you should defeat it!
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My breaks tonight look to be uneventful, so perhaps... time to look up some Procreate tutorials again!
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shiny, in a sad and depressing way :)
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