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yeah, it's another dragon. But you all know I'm obsessed <D

Anywaaaaay, the picture says enough about him I guess. He is half Chole, half Axial. So he's like... half magic, half clockwork. I love it.

My last two dragons were based on Dungeons&Dragons designs, so I kept that up. The Chole dragon is a creature who lives in an outer plane, so... not on Earth? I don't know enough I guess. But they have tentacles instead of wings and I found that awesome. And an Axial dragon is.. well clockwork, I guess.

He came out EXACTLY how I wanted him to.

And his name means "priest" but he's actually the king of a kingdom of outcasts and rogues. He was a priest in the past, but it changed obviously. Apparently he was the best fit to be a king.

Oh, and those tendrils around his face do float around, so that's why they look like that. I guess he's got some kinda magic around him or something so it makes his whiskers float around as if he was underwater.

His outside is organic, but everything inside (skeleton, muscle, etc.) is clockwork machinery. He does have to drink oil once in a while and he can eat real food if he needs to.

He's also mute. Completely, he's unable to talk. Ironically, his weapon is a powerful screech LOL

I used Dragon Runes for his markings, since Choles are described as having runes all over their bodies. I found them here: [link]

I'm a lot happier with this one, because I didn't have any reference pictures. There are actually no official pictures drawn for the Chole. There's one for the Axial, but it's kinda... eh. I dunno, I didn't use it LOL. So I got to take creative action <D

Anyway, enough rambling.

Uxfen (C) me
Designs/names (C) to D&D
Runes (C) Lance Alan Dyas
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looks like slenderman as a dragon.

*weeps in corner*