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The days are dragging into May and the March Hare is getting restless. I'm getting antsy because I'm waiting for tea time and it isn't coming. White breezes flit through eyelet curtains in the dining room. Breathy voices ask for cola. The kitchen sink has started dripping.
I thought that being a teenager would happen when I turned thirteen. When it didn't, I assumed that I had missed a cutoff date and that It would occur on my sixteenth birthday. It has been two weeks and I can assure you that I feel no more different than when I was fifteen and when I was fourteen and when I was thirteen. Time isn't necessarily a strict progression of cause to effect.
The milk on the dining room table has started to sweat under the pressure and unbearable heat. It will confess soon. Whole milk, in the dining room, with the candlestick. I think that I'm clever. I'm playing bored games and twiddle my thumbs while I wait for the tree branches to brace themselves. Braces are a silly thing to want, because
:iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 0 1
You'll never call me sugar,
But maybe you'll let me be your artificial sweetener.
And sweetie, I'm not going to give you my heart,
But maybe, if you're lucky, I'll cut out a kidney
And sell it on the black market.
Don't get your hopes up though.
Spoon me into your tea until I am unable to dissolve
And incapable of melting into your arms.
Drink your Earl Grey,
Which must, by now, be the consistency of pudding,
And don't worry about talking to me Sweet and Low
Because this isn't Splenda
It's absolutely splendid.
:iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 4 2
Hansel and Gretel
You wanted to test the sharpness of the knife
so you ran your fingers against the blade
and it bit you.
(I guess you got your answer.)
But, because you didn't want to admit your mistake
(Were you embarrassed? I never asked.)
you left the hardware store, holding your own hand.
And you walked away.
Down the street. Up the driveway. Through the back door.
And then into the kitchen.
The bleeding hadn't stopped yet
and you ran your fingers under the water to clean your red hands.
(I saw the water go pink and became frantic.)
You joked about bleeding on the sidewalk all the way back to the house
while I searched for bandages.
Today, as I walk home from my bus stop,
I will search for the blood splatters that you left years ago
and I will follow them home.
(like breadcrumbs.)
:iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 0 1
Watercolor portrait by pisthelimit Watercolor portrait :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 2 0 Mum's the word by pisthelimit Mum's the word :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 1 1 freckles by pisthelimit freckles :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 2 0 You're Full of Hot Air by pisthelimit You're Full of Hot Air :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 12 6 On the Beach by pisthelimit On the Beach :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 1 0 Sweet Treat by pisthelimit Sweet Treat :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 10 5
Inspiration for your words
The clam opens its maw,
In order to spit out that annoying grain of sand,
Which has suddenly become a pearl.
You, however,
Leave your mouth open,
And the only thing that falls from it
Is spit and senselessness.
And so:
I’d like to take a hammer to your face,
And forcibly break your jaw.
And while you spit out your teeth, one by one,
Maybe you’d scream a little bit of wisdom
Amidst the profanities.
And perhaps, in that moment from which
I have saved you from your perpetual ignorance,
Enlightened blood will ooze down your throat,
To be regurgitated at a later time
As poetry.
:iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 0 1
Swings by pisthelimit Swings :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 1 3 OBAMA by pisthelimit OBAMA :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 0 2 Scrub Jay 2 by pisthelimit Scrub Jay 2 :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 2 0 Scrub Jay by pisthelimit Scrub Jay :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 13 1 Buddha by pisthelimit Buddha :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 4 0 Japanese Garden by pisthelimit Japanese Garden :iconpisthelimit:pisthelimit 0 1


Dystopia I -- Alliteration
Podium, pedestal, pulpit, and poise—
Each will give rise to ineffable noise.
The calling, the culling, the cardinal crusade—
Selling ourselves to the idols we've made.
Sobriety censors the sorrows of some—
Delusions of empathy, soon to go numb.
Candyland, cannabis, crack cocaine—
Anything deeper is dubbed profane.
Penniless, partisan, pitiful pulp—
Why did we vanquish our notion of hope?
:iconkrystalvalkyrie:krystalvalkyrie 6 13
Practice by airisall Practice :iconairisall:airisall 42 44 Good Taste by NanaBiz Good Taste :iconnanabiz:NanaBiz 92 68
Undiscovered Photographers Feature
:bulletblack:<a href=>~Master of Spices:bulletblack:

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[Bullet; Black]<a href=>~Pisthelimit[Bullet; Black]
Day Lily by pisthelimit Pink Poppy by pisthelimit
[Bullet; Black]<a href=>~Xernex[Bullet; Black]
Curious Dax by xernex Caboose is Back II by xernex
[Bullet; Black]<a href=>~Reveed[Bullet; Black]
:thumb111763956: :thumb111964978:
[Bullet; Black]<a href=>~Joes
:iconmirandakat:MirandaKat 23 23
National Poetry Month Feature
April is finally over, which means it's time to share some amazing poetry in honor of National Poetry Month.
National Poetry Month is celebrated by the United States and Canada in April, while Great Britain celebrates it in October.
Without further ado:
"Minds Content to Rot"
by :icongoreblowndeer:
by :iconthe-anti-depressants:
by :iconoobius-nomadicus:
by :iconpamelaski:
"The giraffes dreams"
by :iconikklesammy:
"It's a Duet"
by :iconjirachi385:
"I Believe In Me"
by :iconusagiafn:
by :iconcutyouinstars:
"I Will Create As I Speak"
by :iconlabtrinthine:
by :iconkokoed:
"My Broken Heart"
:thumb105010037: by :iconAndreaRN5278:
"To Central Street"
To Central Street by Konjekto by :iconkonjekto:
"Peering Through"
Peering Through by 01demai by :icon01demai:
Elegy by pisthelimit by :iconpisthelimit:
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 12 6
Macro and Close-up photography
A feature of some of the macro and close-up photography posted in the forum.
                    :thumb16679020:  Springtime Snow by Annetteks  Petals by Vamaena  Morning by MadRed  :thumb98367328:  :thumb88649455:  Natures Revival 026 by Frank-Beer  Bee and flowers by NoxiousFreak  pink daisy by purplepolarbear  Wilted by purplepolarbear  raindrop by purplepolarbear  pink petal by purplepolarbear
...And Pout by tamidoncic  :thumb97254950:  :thumb99138883:  :thumb96160741:  Yellow by MadRed  :thumb26012635:  Hangin' by Flame-of-the-Phoenix  hopper by Blackberry57  Deep in blue by IsaRouge  Polyphemus Moth by 1Prairiedog  Spider by Tanjelynn  :thumb9
:iconpurplepolarbear:purplepolarbear 27 16
Fresh Mudkip of Hoenn
Now this is the tail, all about how
My life got flipped, and I almost drowned
And I'd like to take a second, just chill right there
I'll tell you how I became the lackey of a trainer named Claire.
In the west Hoenn area, hatched and raised
In the swamps is where I spent most of my days.
Swimming out, chilling, relaxing all cool,
And kicking some Lotads outside of the pool.
When a couple of Swamperts, who were up in no good,
Started making problems in my neighbourhood.
I got in one little battle and Mama Marshtomp got scared
And said, “We're giving you to a trainer in Hoenn named Claire.”
I begged and pleaded with her the other day
But she packed my hobo pack and sent me on my way
Giving me kisses she pushed me into the stream
I floated on downwards and started a new dream.
“Who the hell is that?” I wondered to myself
As I spotted a kid close to the river's shelf.
She had huge ass eyes and hair the colour of blue,
and at that moment I realized I had found a weeaboo.
:iconrei-chel:Rei-Chel 27 25
Joker... by AlanRodriguez Joker... :iconalanrodriguez:AlanRodriguez 5,899 589 Harry Potter DH: BFF by Bilious Harry Potter DH: BFF :iconbilious:Bilious 1,023 151 Bird by Mary-Jo-Lisa Bird :iconmary-jo-lisa:Mary-Jo-Lisa 3 1
I Will Not Write Your Elegy
I will not write your elegy
for I refuse to believe you are gone.
I will not accept
that you do not still breathe
in every letter that you wrote me,
that your heart does not still beat
quick, with mine, as I hold them to my breast
and wonder if you'll be home on time,
or late.
No matter what they say,
you are still entwined
in my fingers, as we lie on the sofa
and watch that terrible movie that you love so much,
because it reminds me –
you need a haircut,
and your tie isn't straight, so I adjust it
as I bend down to kiss you, and
you hate that – but can't do a thing about it
with your cold fingers…
Cold like a hopeless snow fight in the park
where ten-year-olds beat down our fort,
and we ran inside to warm our hands with coffee,
and other things ten-year-olds can't have…
My love, don't they know that you live on
in the café down the road where I met you, and kissed you,
and bought you a bagel last week
and in the blue denim jacket I found the buttons of
in the dark,
and in the t
:iconancient-seeker:ancient-seeker 3 9
Flower trio by Nymagirl Flower trio :iconnymagirl:Nymagirl 2 2
Wish upon a Star
Hello Poppets!
I hope you are all well! Time to start a brand new year, with brand new ideas, and deviations.
Now what better way to start a new year... Than A CONTEST!! :boogie: YAY
Yes, you read it right my devious deviants... A brand new contest to get your minds working and creative juices flowing! Brought to you by :iconporgecreations: and :iconmogsplosh: :heart:
The theme... Wish upon a star :star::heart:
How you intepret this theme is up to you. It could be a literal star, a dream, a wish... anything you want, as long as it links with the theme =D
:star: Rules
-All entries must be submitted by 01/03/2009 (1st March)
-All Mediums allowed
-Must be a new deviation, submitted for the contest especially
-No mature content (leave those to your own mind :P hehe)
:star: How to enter
Simply upload your entry to deviantART and send the link in a note to PORGEcreations. You entry will then be added to a contest folder, provided it's in line with the rules.
:iconporgecreations:PORGEcreations 76 118
SimplyJanuary: Short Story Contest
First things first. The contest prompt is this:
Write a short story centring around the dialogue of two strangers on a train.
With this prompt. you can essentially tell any story you want! Our administrator (brilliant as she is) is not the first person to think of this; a great many short story writers have done it before, and we even have an example for you:
'The Hint of an Explanation' by Graham Greene.
If you look for them, you may well find other published examples of short stories in which two strangers meet on a train. That is because the idea has so much storytelling potential. The characters could be anyone, going from anywhere and to anywhere (especially if you don't specify the route of the train).
In Graham Greene's story, the two characters are apparently honest with each other throughout. It doesn't have to be that way. Several years ago, I read a short story in which two strangers met on a train,
:iconsimplyprose:simplyprose 72 47
:: Madonna and Child :: by ninebreaker :: Madonna and Child :: :iconninebreaker:ninebreaker 6,910 667
111 Pictures of Color
I've seen it done quite a few times and loved the idea.  So here's my shot at a color feature :)  I hope you enjoy all these extremely talented artists' works!  :lol:
Ganymede sunset by Behindmyblueeyes Paris Las Vegas by Graelyn-chan Painted Path by TwiggyTeeluck panorama of Zurich by svenska-anseende Sunset on Mississippi River by CreoleTownhouse :thumb89532307: Precarious by SarahJPhotography Playing with the Sun by tabouret Flower-Tree-Thing by Magic92 :thumb105388967:
:thumb105386229: :thumb102977309: :thumb82008587: Mired by darkhorse11 Another Bumble Bee by Vamaena Is it Christmas? by nocturnal-pandaa Easter Lily by Vamaena
:thumb104245395: :thumb105393932: The Timetunnel by Katzilla13 Crossed by the-square-root-of-3 :thumb105280007: True beauty by ImaginationsTheLimit Beside still water by ImaginationsTheLimit sky is everywhere by OneWaleTwoLegs Water Can Be Glamorous Too by SarahJPhotography :thumb98425441: :thumb105161843: Yellow on blue by mv79
Among the Wildflowers by aimeelikestotakepics Wipe It Away by wzrdofozfan Under the Parasol by querulousArtisan Holding raindrops 3 by ImaginationsTheLimit Holding raindrops 2 by ImaginationsTheLimit lady Bug 2 by ImaginationsTheLimit :thumb104964
:iconfasterthanchris:FasterThanChris 37 76



pronounced pi&#039;s the limit
United States
I'm pi.
I go on forever with incessant blabbering, and those who know me are certifiably insane.
It's nice to meet you.


Some things about me: I like to take photos. I like to write. I like to draw. I like to run. I'm contemplating starting a blog. I think light bulbs are fascinating. I've just discovered a love for science. I love typewriters. My room is a mess. My thoughts are the same. I'm in that awkward stage of my life where everything is awkward. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

One of these days, I'm going to get my act together and do something important. When it happens, I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Current Residence: With a badger.
Shell of choice: Eggs?
my sixteenth birthday came and went and now I'm sixteen and have been for the past two weeks.

spring break also danced on past me, and I went to Paris and I took pictures and maybe I'll upload some of them here but I don't really know.

I guess that's it. I hope everyone is well.



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