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My Neighbor Venusaur

My new Bulbasaur's nickname is Totoro (my tiny little forest keeper!) so, naturally, this happened in my head.

This is a bit small even in full size because Corel Painter froze up when I was trying to save and the only thing I could do was take a screenshot and pick it up from there.

Tonari no Totoro (c) Studio Ghibli
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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My two favorite things. Perfect!

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I rather prefer snorlaxSnorlax and the Endless Apple Conveyor Belt , but I like it!:D (Big Grin) 
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Venusaur as Totoro, what a nice idea, love it !!!!!!
way too awesome!!
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This is the most adorable thing I think I have ever seen! I love the colors and style and just everything about it!
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this is the most adorable thing I've seen in a while
thank you
*Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) pokemon gif bulbasaur 
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Really great piece :)
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Ahhhhhh! This is so fu*king cute!! CURSE YOU! Heart 
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This is the best Totoro mash-up I have seen! *0*
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this is so adorable. I love it!
bulbasaur is especially cute! <3
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All the yes!Judy - Icon 
I love you for making this
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I would have expected someone to have used Snorlax or Gengar, but you didn't, & for that you win my heart & the Internet! You captured both essences of the companies into this brilliant image!
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Ok im laughing now
Very Natural Cross Over man. Good work!
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Wow awesome!Love 
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This is amazingly done :D
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omg i love studio gibli and pokemon, both have been mashed perfectly with this.
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Comment number 151
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This is wicked! Now I wanna do Ghibli styled Pokemon! :D
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