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Yamamoto's Sword Tutorial

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Finally, I put together a step-by-step on how I made the sword for my Yamamoto cosplay. ^^ Sorry it's not very detailed. This is how I did mine and I like to find the easy way to approach making things(as long as it looks good in photo, right? 8D )

For more intense sword work, I recommend you to look at *chioky's tutorials on sword making: [link]

For how to handle wrapping, I followed this tutorial: [link]
Although I used a different wrapping material.

Finished product and more info on this sword here: [link]

Hope this helps people who want to try making similar props! :D Good luck guys~
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I love your work man, Can I know the overall length? but if you don't mind hehe 

I want to try it out

Thank a bunch :)
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OH MY GOSH I'm gonna use this for some Attack on titan blades if you don't mind ^^ Awesome tutorial!
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Thanks for the tutorial! I plan on constructing a sword, but I was a bit apprehensive on how to approach it. Im definately thinking a wooden base built up with foam. (Ive never taken on a project like this before!)
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did you ever make a saya before? o v o
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Thank you. I have never made that yet.
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Thanks♥ I need help about make a sword and this help me. :D
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Thanks for the help :nod:
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This might b really useful to me in the future, thank you~
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You're welcome~ Glad to hear. :)
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interesting) what is gesso? ^^'
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[link] You can buy it from most craft/art store.
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may i ask the dimensions and kind of wood you used? and how long is it exactly when you were holding it? is it touching the floor os a feww inches of the floor something like that. :D

amazing tutorial by the way!! XD
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Sorry I'm not much help...but I'll tell you what i told other ppl who asked. The length of the sword should be according to your height. Every sword is not the same length, but for this particular one, in the anime, it seem to be a longer sword than usual. If you want a "proper" length for a Japanese sword, I heard somewhere that when you hold it with your arm along the side of your body, the tip should touch the ground. As for the handle of the sword, I usually go by 3-hands measurement. That is, you place your hand on a paper, and the width of your palm equal "one hand", and you triple that width to get the length of the sword handle. As for the kind of wood...I have no idea. XD As I said, I was pretty much a noob at working with wood when I made this sword, so basically, I just picked whatever looked good and cheap from Home Depot.
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awesoooooooooome !!
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Thank you so much for the tutorial! I never would've thought of adding extra handle pieces to the initial first piece... if that makes sense. Thank you though!
Very awesome tutorial, its really easy to follow and your sword looks awesome!
I'll be making 2 swords out of it for my next cosplay, I'll send you a link if you want.
Also, I'm not really up with what people expect of you on da. So, I'll be adding a photo of my swords when they're done and I would want to link to your acc. So, should I asking for permission first?
Haha. Anyway, thanks :D

Now, I have a few questions.. when you glued the foamboard to the wood, you used Elmer's glue right? And does it hold pretty well? Which side of the foam did you glue it to the wood?
And when you fit the tsuba onto the sword, did you glue it as well?
Did you seal the foam board and craft foam?
AND, when you painted it did the brush leave any brushstrokes? I might use foam brushes instead.. hmm.

Sorry for the long post! and all the questions
Thank you! :D
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You can use the technique on the tutorials posted online however you like. Normally, you don't need to credit the source since you just used it as reference, but if you credit, ofcourse people appreciate it. ^^ You can link my account if you'd like. Good luck with making the swords!

To answers you questions:
Yes, I used Elmer's glue and it holds really well. The foamboard is the same on both sides, so it doesn't matter which side you glue it(if you buy the same kind that I used) The tsuba was a good fit, so I didn't really have to glue it since the little piece I put infront of the tsuba pretty much secured it in place. But if yours is a little loose, then i'd recommend gluing it. The reason I don't usually glue the tsuba is because I can re-use the blade part for other sword of the same type, but has different tsuba, like most swords from Bleach series. I sealed the foam board and craftfoam by painting a layer or two of gesso on them, and I sand them smooth. I didn't have any obvious brush stroke from painting. I use the regular round brush and paint them in back-and-forth swift motion like you would paint a sky in watercolor painting. XD Kinda hard to explain, but if the paint you use is a good quality and thick enough, you won't have to worry about visible brush stroke. Also, this is the brush I used: [link] I have them in different sizes, I think they're best for painting cosplay props in general.
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Ah I see. Thank you :D

Wow, that is really smart of using the same blade! You sure are a smart cookie XD
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you for your all your answers! I appreciate it.

Did you put on a gloss varnish at the end?
Thank you again!
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You're welcome!

yeah, because making the blade is the hardest part to making a sword, I think. XD Although the scabbard for a katana might be harder, but I haven't tried making that from scratch yet.

Yes, I put on the gloss varnish at the end. Usually, just one layer is fine. It keeps the paint to stay on better and can become somewhat water-proof. :)
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Yeah, its gonna be rather hard sharpening the blade, but not too pointy :P
Yeah scabbards would be so hard, for my first sword I made it out of cardboard and paper mache then i also make a scabbard out of it as well with toothpicks haha. And let me tell you, it looked awful :(
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Wow, this was a pretty bomb tutorial. I'm not doing any particular cosplay, but for my Halloween costume, I wanted a personalized sword that wasn't made from that cheap looking plastic. It really helped a noob like me out! Thanks a bunch!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Glad to hear that. ^^ Good luck with your costume.
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yay, now i have a sorta guideline on how im gonna make my negima cosplay sword for setsuna! thanks!!!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Cool~ You're welcomed!
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