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Tiger and Bunny Call Wristband Tutorial

So, here is the promised tutorial for T&B call wristbands. ^^ My friend asked how I made mine, so figured I'd make a tutorial to show the steps. It's pretty simple to do IMO. :)
(Click "download image" for full size of the tutorial)

Here is the download link to the wristband template, you can use it to make your own: [link]
It's a Photoshop (.psd) file. When you print it from the program, you should make sure to un-check "scale to fit media", and print it on an A4 paper, and you should get the correct size.
For those who don't have Photoshop, you can see the template here: [link]
That size is at 100%, so when you want to print it out on paper, you can see how large it should be by comparing the printed template and the picture on your screen.

Good luck making your own wristband! :D if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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RawrChibiHRE's avatar
I am so happy I just found this. You rock!
LustGodVampire91's avatar
Had to use enamel paint...
LustGodVampire91's avatar
How do you take it off?
Pisaracosplay's avatar
The velcro is attached so you can take it off by peeling one side of velcro away from another side of velcro. LOL
LustGodVampire91's avatar
Oh...I'm stupid...XDD
QEAN's avatar
Usefull thank youuu !!!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Jiohui's avatar
Looks useful! Thanks!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
OkashiStudio's avatar
I really like how you did the seamless transition on the back! The rest of what you did is very similar to how I made mine. Thanks for the tip! I'm thinking I'll remake mine so that it the overlap wont show up in pictures anymore.
Pisaracosplay's avatar
That's great to hear. :) Thanks for your comment.
HanaTenshiHimeko's avatar
This is aweomse!! Thanks for sharing! =D
Pisaracosplay's avatar
You're welcome! ^^
Jace-Kobayashi's avatar
sweet, can't wait to add it to my Kotetsu cosplay I'm working on. :) THANKS AND THANKS AGAIN!
Pisaracosplay's avatar
You're welcome! ^^ I'm glad it was helpful.
CoralSnake's avatar
OH MY GOD. HOW DID I MISS THIS? I am SO using your tutorial *A* I thought about using the foam at first, but I thought it would look too cheap and childish but I WAS SO WRONG you made it look AMAZING. When I make mine, I will credit you for sure for the help and inspiration UGHNNN LOVE YOU SO HARD
Pisaracosplay's avatar
I'm glad to hear! Good luck on your wristband. :D
AlevBlack's avatar
Thank you very much! I'll make my Hero Wristbands <3
Pisaracosplay's avatar
You're welcome and good luck!
Ayumi--Sama's avatar
Nice tutorial; it's so informative and clear. This actually helps since I'm working on something
similar for a future cosplay! :heart: Thanks! :D
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Thanks for your comment. :D I'm glad this can be used as a guide to make something else too.
KajePanik's avatar
Awesome tutorial, really clear and exact.
Pisaracosplay's avatar
Thank you! I try to keep it clear and simple since I'm not the best person when it comes to explaining things. XD
DaiNakamaDan-Cosplay's avatar
it's very useful, thanks for making it :D
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