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Ichigo's Zanpakutou Tutorial

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I decided to make a little tutorial of how I made my zanpakutou for Ichigo cosplay. I made it all using foamboards, cardboards(from boxes laying around my house), pvc pipes, and masking tape. I didn't use wood because I have no space to work with wood, and foamboards are way easier to work with. And you can make it look and feel like wood if done right.(and it's not heavy!) Also, if the convention you're going to doesn't have a strict prop size limit like the one I went to(4 ft limit! *why you be so cruel*), you can skip making it into two parts.(I had to use my little brain to figure out how to connect the darn thing. I would have finished my props way faster if I didn't have to do that. XD)

So yeah, hope this helps people who are new to making cosplay props. This process can be used to make a lot of other props too. I used the same method for my Denmark's axe. ^^

Sorry for broken English btw. :3
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This tutorial is so simple, I'm going to use it for making Ichigo's zanpakuto for the upcoming comic-con in my country, thanks :). Very simple and the results look great! :D
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This is the best tutorial of making ichigo's zanpakuto because it is a lot simpler to do it
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This is a really useful tutorial ^^ thanks for making it.

I was wondering about the weight of the the sword,and how long did it take you to make,please?
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I love how most bleach fans can only manage to make cardboard when they cosplay as people far out of their age when both sides look stupid, the cosplayer and the cosplayee.

Actually, Bleach is like cardboard to the metal family as to anime. It has no place being classified as a metal in anyway and anyone who pretends it is has terrible taste and should kill themselves.
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Not sure what point you're trying to make here. It's a tutorial for a cosplay prop, not a forum post for you to discuss your distaste in a certain anime. And obviously you don't know about cosplay, because if you do then you would know nobody in their right mind makes a sword out of metal or any material similar to that because you're not allowed to take that to most conventions(it's against the prop rules). Oh and "cosplayee" is not a real word, so I advise you not to use it, otherwise you're only making yourself sound stupid.
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Lol, defend your chinese cartoons, nerd.
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.... I'ts actually japanese :facepalm: and nowadays being a nerd (as you put it) is cool and very, VERY creative ;) But I guess you find it more "normal" for teenagers and people in their twentieths to drink their minds into oblivion, where they are too drunk to even know what's up and what's down, or puking their guts out wherever is the most convenient place. Then be my guest. :facepalm:

Over to a more happier note; Nice tutorial! :D It's really easy to follow! How is the durability if I might ask? :3 Planing on making a huge broadsword and haven't completely decided on material yet. Link to the sword; images.wikia.com/dothack/image…
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Just think. Someday, if he's still alive and anime continues to climb in popularity like it has been, he'll be surrounded by us so called "nerds".
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Wonderful tutorial! If you don't mind me asking, how big is your Denmark's axe? Also could you use one PVC pipe for the prop, or is it better to use two pipes?
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Thank you! Ohh hmm I took apart my axe a long time ago...but it was about 2/3 of my height, I think(I'm about 173 cm).

You could use one pipe if you don't need to take it apart. I used 2 pipes for Ichigo's sword because the convention I cosplayed at had a rule for props, that I had to make it smaller in parts.
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You're welcome! 2/3 your height? Alright, I'll try to see what I can do in that case. Excuse my ignorance and for asking another question, but where do you buy pvc pipes?

Ah, I understand. I believe the con I'll be attending doesn't have a rule for that, so I guess I could go either way. Thank you for your help!
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you're welcome! You can buy pvc pipes and pipes connectors at Home Depot.
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Thanks! I got my pvc pipe now and I'm just about to ready to get started. Sorry for bothering you once again, but I was wondering how thick the foam board you used for your axe was? Is it also 0.5 cm, like for the sword, or did you use a thicker piece?
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Sorry for late reply. Yes, I used the same type of foamboard for the axe as the sword.
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That's okay! Thanks for all your help and sorry for all the qesutions!
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For denmark's axe, you used foamboards for the blade right? You don't need foam on the handle, so you just painted over the pvc just like that or did you do something else?

And the little ball on top/bottom of the blade, how did you make that?
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That is correct for the blade part. I used cardboard to wrap around the handle and used masking tape to secure it and paint it brown. It's been so long, I can't remember well how I made the ball at the top, but I think I used some small piece of foam as a base and cut it down to that shape and used masking tape to cover it. After that ofcourse, you put gesso on everything, sand it smooth, and paint.
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Haha, it's good. :D Lol, I'm around 5'11" (according to Bleach wiki about as tall as he is in the current arc O.o ) and my Zangetsu will be about the same height as yours. xD It's taller than my mother and sister, not talking about the rest of the female relatives! :D But I've made it from wood... Bad, bad idea. It's hard to lift in a proper way, as it is a bit heavy. O.o Or I'm just not used to it. Who knows... (But how am I gonna put it onto my back? No way that I'm carrying it all day... Or.. There is? xD )
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Haha i think if you made it from really like wood like balsa, it won't be that heavy to carry around. I wanna re-make my sword from wood too actually.
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As clever girl as I am, I made it from pine... Not the heaviest, but not the lightest either. xD My dad is actually happy about it. He can actually make me push ups with using Zangetsu as a reason... LOL.
Well, at least it'll feel like I'm actually holding something in my hands... And the wind won't be able to blow it away that easely. :D
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Thank you for this! I have never made a weapon before, and I was thinking about making one for my Spain cosplaying friend. The steps are simple and easy to follow, thanks! C:
Oh, btw, your axe looks awesome! How heavy is it?
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Glad it was helpful. :) My axe was pretty light since the only part that have real weight to it was the pvc pipe.
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Thanks for the tutorial it really helped me out!
if you want to see the result... [link]
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