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Zetro VS 1.3

Zetro VS 1.3 - a metro style theme.

UPDATE 7-29 v1.3:
- Change start menu, clock, font size.
- Add 2 theme with blue button.
- Fix some bugs.
- Add default wallpaper.
- Some small change.

UPDATE 7-13 v1.2.1:
- Change start menu/ more program button.
- Some small change.
- This is verry small update.

UPDATE 7-9 v1.2:
- Change taskbar
- add FOOBAR2000 theme
- add new color
- new start menu
- new system file
- support sp1 x86 and x64
- process view at taskbar
- add start orb
- alot of minor changes.

UPDATE 6-25 v1.1:
- fix some bug: tooltip in Firefox, some icon, text color hard to read.
- change button, more clean.
- aero peak remake.
- and some small change.

for every one who like simply and clean.

INSTALL: read the README file!
© 2011 - 2022 pisadeviant
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Work of art, thank you mate!

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I don't mind what you are saying..The important is I've found this one.. :) 
WHere do i download this >:(
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Where's the explorerframe.dll?

The theme looks great for me :D

But, i don't know how to change the navigation buttons, and the file not coming with the explorerframe file. it's missing?

Note : The "Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer" not work, i tried so many times, but still don't working for me :|

This theme not have more support?
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This is an amazing theme! I just realized it shows the progress in the taskbar under the icon! This is by far my favourite win 7 theme!! :D

I just wanted to ask, are you thinking of making a different color version? If so I will be glad to try! (white makes me feel overwhelmed somehow, hehe). Also, sometimes the font is big and the text is not shown completely in some parts.

Anyway: Congrats and thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for your rep,

It's a long time i don't make any VS, so i won't make a different color or version for this themes, because i don't use Windows anymore.

There some error with this theme when using with software and it's hard to fix with this style.
I'm just curious. What do you use now?
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Never mind! I found it. (Silly me)
GrimmauldPlace12's avatar
I can't find anywhere to download this! :(
will this theme work on windows 8.1?
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Great theme, thank you.
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explorer frame? please..
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Wow, beautiful:D Looks so clean. This will be next theme I use. Thank you!
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Is there a black and blue version for this visual style?
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This visualstyle is looks goooooooood with windows phone 7 logon by dejco
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have version in aero ? 
Hola, soy Juan Carlos, de Latino - América y quisiera ayudarte a crear una version en español para el tercer idioma más hablado en el mundo "El español" y asi mas personas puedan descargarlo y usar este "skin pack".

Hello, I am John Charlie, in Latin - America and would like help you to creating a Spanish version for the third most spoken language in the world "Spanish" and so more people can download and use this skin pack.
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My skin pack using Windows language, so that if windows have Spanish - it's too.

Thanks for your kinds!
Ouh no problem =D!!!
basically the explorerframe is just the buttons. the buttons can be changed via the program supplied
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Hello. Your theme is beautiful, seriously. I enjoyed it on Windows 7 very long. Every day I saw it and cried from happiness. But now I have Windows 8 and don’t have your beautiful theme for it. Can you explain me what I need to try create such masterpiece. Windows Style Builder?
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I create this theme by Style Builder, but i don't know if it work for W8 theme, you may search on the Style Builder forum for some help.

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