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Commissions [OPEN] + free stuff

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 4, 2017, 11:51 AM

Edit:: Any Order over 50$ (including 50) will get a free Chibi or Waist up Rough.

If you do get the free chibi though, it will only be of one character and not overly detailed.

Commission Information (Out dated) by PiruuMi

Status :: Open


Click on the link to read my terms of service


>> USD Only through paypal
>> Will only accept Points :points: for Chibi's [1$=100 :points:]
>> Payment first, unless commission is over 50$ then you can pay half first then the rest after commission is finished.
>> Will receive hi-resolution for Render and Illustration only.
>> Rough can include Cell Shading, Just ask for it.


>> Humans
>> Animals
>> Kemonomimis
>> Anthros
>> Nudity
>> Body Horror
>> Fan Art


>> Mech
>> Robots
>> Complex Machinery
>> Overly Exaggerated Appendages
>> 3D Models

How to commission

Please start by making an email to: OR Note me on Deviantart!!
Your message must contain this form (you can not skip this I will decline you):
Paypal/Contact Email:
( If you have two different email's from your paypal and your contact email than place the contact email in parentheses. )
Commission Type:
Total Price:



Style 1
TTH :: Chibi of Sin by PiruuMi Cabbage Rabbit and Egotistical idiot by PiruuMi [COM] C-C-C-COMBO LOCK!! by PiruuMi Let's Adventure!! 2 by PiruuMi
Style 2
[COMM] hawkhunting by PiruuMi Blacklight :: Sup Loser by PiruuMi Sugar and Salt [COM] by PiruuMi [GIFT/COM]Little Monster by PiruuMi


Stretch [FANART] by PiruuMi Baby boo [Reph Fan Art] by PiruuMi TTH :: Teenager by PiruuMi TTH :: Beach Day by PiruuMi


HawkHunting [COMM] by PiruuMi [AT] Pretty Boys by PiruuMi TTH :: Partners in Crime by PiruuMi Blacklight :: I am who I say I am by PiruuMi


TTH :: Falling Back to You by PiruuMi ADRAST :: Cake time by PiruuMi [FANART] Elliot- King Folly by PiruuMi [COM] GothicRift by PiruuMi

Skin by SimplySilent

Art Trades {Closed}

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 8:13 AM

So I need help! I want to practice a sorta Cell shading kind of coloring for my comic for a bit. So as a rarity I'm opening up Art Trades! I will only do Bust though so no full body! If you're interested continue to read and follow the instructions. It will also get me to draw more which I find myself not doing as much anymore. If you'd rather though have a commission then please look to my commissions…

Anyways continue on!

How to Trade

So you're thinking about it, this is how you're going to ask for a trade. Just Note me with the subject "Art Trade" and fill out the  rest like this. It helps me with information.

Characters Name:
References: (images only and give me min of 2)
Personality: (just write bullets or a sentence or 2)

For my end I will only do a bust. You however may do whatever you want for your end.

I'm only going to take as many as I feel like taking on. Also I rather not start until youre end is done with a sketch, I hope you understand! Now you can go pick a character below or look around my gallery for others.


These are just the characters you can pick from. I mean you can pick others in my gallery but these ones I really would  like!


(newest to oldest)
TTH :: Beach Day by PiruuMi The Thief's Heir :: Braiding hair by PiruuMi Hang the Demon!- WIP by PiruuMi

Robin is a very playful individual. He's got a mischievous behavior which makes people question which side is he really on. His morals are pretty grey and even though he looks like a kid he's really an ancient being.

Aeon Seraphim

(newest to oldest)
TTH :: Aeon Character Reference by PiruuMi

Aeon is a  selfish individual. He'll flirt with any girl he sees.

Freya Finix

(newest to oldest)
TTH :: Freya Character Reference by PiruuMi

Freya has a firey personality. She's a fighter and will fight for her cause. She's strong and doesn't take no for an answer.


Bon Harrison

(newest to oldest)
Bon revamp by PiruuMi

Bonnie is... well he's rash and hot headed. He is obsessed with strawberry tarts and would kill for some. He's sorta always lazy and laid back but gets pissed off easily if people make him do something.  


(newest to oldest)
CL:Tail Hug~ by PiruuMi 13 07 26 Mal by PiruuMi

Mal is childish and geety. He likes to be kind but tries to act cool (doesnt work though). He's obsessed  with cows and hates to see people eat them.  He's a little overbearing though.  

Demon King

(newest to oldest)
TTH :: Partners in Crime by PiruuMi

Not much said about him he's kind of a dick.  Sorta a player, He wasnt born into royalty so he's kinda cocky that his queen picked him to be her husband. He'll kill anyone for her.

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Mimi's Store End

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2017, 9:04 AM


But yeah, Only until February 20th am I going to have all adrast things up. I'll keep stuff like Cake time, Puzzeled up but everything else is going out of stock for a while. If you want this you're going to need to get it while you can!
In addition I am also including a buy 2 get 1 free promo!

None of these include reducing the shipping though haha.

Skin by SimplySilent Time to do arts~ Probably going to do an image and Concept art

Name changed

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 22, 2016, 6:38 AM

Dont mind me just you know re branding myself. 

Redo Project

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 6, 2016, 3:13 PM

So I've been lately doing redo project where I take my old art work and redo them. I have a ton of artwork I'd like to remaster and concepts i'd like to revisit and maybe make better. So The next piece I'm doing is "For Science"
For Science by Neo-Rippiru

But I have more art work I'd like to revisit so I've uploaded most of my really REALLY old art work onto my stash (mostly stuff that was taken off Deviant art a long time ago) and i'm also linking my old accounts for all to see. I'd like people to look through some and tell me which ones you'd like to see redo.  So far I've done these two

2016 cake time Imporvement meme by PiruuMi 2016 Lilith Imporvement meme by PiruuMi

Here are the links to the places you can look at and link me what ones you want to see redrawn.

Excuse most of them they are REALLY REALLY old art work, You can even look through this account and tell me more recent ones you want me to redraw too.

> Light-kun--kami (2nd account ever)
> Neo-Rippiru (3rd account)
> (all art not available on any of the accounts cause I took it down)

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Commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2016, 1:28 PM

I am no longer going to be making a chart for my commission prices. For now on I will be hosting them on my own website! Sorry if you dont like going off site but I promise its 100% safe I made the site myself!

Commission Prices and information

I Only have 4 Slots open, anyone else will go on the waiting list and will be asked to wait. You dont have to email me if you're from deviant art you can just note me. But use the same forum:

Your Name
Paypal/Contact Email
Commission Type
Total Price

If you aren't sure how to write it please read the Commission process section on the site. There are some examples not up yet like Sketch Page but its just 8 by 11 page with as many sketches as I can put on them. Anyways hope to maybe see some people the Commissions have no deadline when they will close they will just be open forever, jk nah they are just open until I think I cant do anymore.

Thank you for reading!

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