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Misha Bunny Tutorial



My second Tutorial!!! :3

This is one of the bunnies Misha uses in the anime Pita Ten
Many people seemed to like them in the hat i made for my cosplay : [link] [link]
So i decided to share this with you guys =)

Here we go, step by step:

1.- Some of the materials you'll need: Scissors, polar fleece (white and pink or purple), pins, needle, matching yarn, synthethic cotton (for filling) and the pattern [link]

2.- The first you need to do is cut the pieces in the polar fleece. 2 of the head, 4 ears and 2 bodies. The dress will be a polar fleece rectangle.

3.- Start sewing the pieces together, here you can see the stitch i use the most.

4.- Just leave a little part without sewing, so you can turn the inside out later.

5.- Once is inside out, preceed to fill the head and body with synthethic cotton.

6.- Once they are filled we close the hole with regular stitches.

7.- We also close the upper part of the body.

8.- Now we sew head and body together, don't worry so much if it isn't perfect, the dress will cover this part =)

9.- Now the ears, we have to be a little more careful with this, luckyly polar fleece is very soft and sometimes it conceals bad stitches =P

10.- Here is where we add the dress, sewing it to the "neck" of the bunny.

11.- Hehe, our bunny is almost complete :3

12.- Now.. the final detail! The eyes, which gives the bunny the magical expression :XD:
They are just 2 dots made with a little piece of yarn, you can mark them with a color pin before if you feel insecure with the possition =)

13.- TA-DA!!!! our bunny is ready for the Con! =D

If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask ^____^
Hope you liked this, and sorry for the weird coloured pictures, i decided to make this tutorial in the last moment and it was already dark outside, so they were taken with artificial light and i hate flashes ^__~

This is a dedication tutorial for our cosplay group Kanpai! [link]
If you would like to support our cause you can read here : [link] or here : [link]

Thank you very much for reading this long tutorial!!! :blowkiss:
OH! and please let me know if you make a bunny so i can see it!! :heart:
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This is gonna be so useful~~!! :iconiloveyouplz: I was gonna cosplay as misha for an anime con in august~~! :D :D i already bought the wig. :thanks: :iconthanksplz: