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The Persistence of Memery (+Alternate Ver.)


DOWNLOAD: (Alternate version):
Screencaps taken from S2E9 ~9:09 and Spring Breakdown ~32:11

Big content draught from me, sorry about that. Had Easter and a bunch of other stuff to deal with, plus was hoping to get this done sooner but it took more time than I expected to emulate all the shading and stuff. I hope you'll like this regardless, I loved this painting in the show and Spring Breakdown gave me an excuse, or rather a reminder to go back and do it some justice. It was kind of a pain in the ass to get to this point and the vector file is messy and a bit bloated but I think the end result is close enough.

On the alternate version: It seems that oddly enough, in the time between Season 2 and the Spring Breakdown special, they must've misplaced some of the assets because a whole bunch of elements seem to have been redone in a different, rather food-related theme. Either way, I decided to do this version as well so if the upload here doesn't do it for ya, maybe that one will.

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:bulletblack: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Media, Boulder Media, Hasbro and Top Draw Studios;
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I'd called it Bold and Brash

Bold and Brash? More like belongs in the trash!

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Now that you say it, they do kinda resemble him don't they?

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I didn't realize I was hiding!
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I streamed with you on several occasions but didnt know your DA , just found you by chance :T
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Well, glad to hear it then :D Hopefully we can have some more streams together!
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Of course <3 anytime im on you can ask if i want to stream, ill usually say yes 
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I'll keep that in mind! :D
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Why is this terrifying to me?
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Just the look on those ponies faces... *Shudder*
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beaucoup d'humour
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cool! like the melting watches picture called The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí
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