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TMAC - Twilight Reading


Challenge: #42 ||| Theme: Something Twilight would be reading about. ||| Time: 30m(45m) ||| Date: 15.05.2013 ||| Tumblr:

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I just realized I forgot to upload several of the TMAC pictures I did over a year ago! I figure they'll have to do until I finish some actual proper art.
This pic...well, it was a real miss in my opinion. I didn't have any good ideas about it and I also really killed the anatomy badly and didn't feel like fixing it. (dat giant head) Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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Oh man! I sure love this! Of course she'd be reading that!
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tahts happens when twilight find the neverending story^^
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When she's not reading she reads about reading!
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That's what I call dedication.
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excited happy :excited: Are You Happy fair fight :happy: Redbull glomp I haz pizza I'm so happy plz XDDDD 
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Yup, sums it up rather well.
Twilight's idea of paradise
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This pleases the princess of books.
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Welp, we lost her. Time to find a new Element of Magic / Princess of Friendship.
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I nominate Maud! Her friendship skills are peerless.
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"Now, for this next part you need to really use your imagination.  You are reading a book.  It's titled Reading Books For Dummies, and you have big grin on your face."

I can't help but laugh at this, great job.
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Woah, wtf, her chin.
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