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TMAC - Magnum and Pearl


Challenge: #1 ||| Theme: Rarity's parents, Magnum and Pearl ||| Time: 45m(1h) ||| Date: 23.03.2013 ||| Tumblr: [link]

First challenge drawing: You're here! :D ||| Previous: N/A ||| Next: [link]

The poll has spoken and the people have decided that single pics shall be uploaded and not groups of four! I'm sorry to the many of you who wished otherwise! I'll be uploading several at a time starting soon.
Without further ado, here's the first TMAC I ever did! Hopefully someday I'll look back on this and say "man, I improved a lot". Credit for the idea honestly goes to :iconpurgeslc: and I gotta admit it was pretty brilliant. Their names are just so perfect for a criminal duo! :D As with most pics I drew, I did some cleanup and extra work on this before uploading it here, the challenge version was even messier!
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I can see this happening.
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They seem so simple minded in the show, I bet the vacation they went on was actually an undercover spy mission. ;)
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Gasp! I knew it!
That's why Rarity got the dates wrong, because their mission was rescheduled.
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That's totally it!
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Silly Pirill-bot,
Watches and night-vision goggles didn't exist back then! :roll:
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Of course they did. That's the interesting point about Equestria, they seem to have stuff like hazmat suits, spy gear and hydroelectric dams and on the other hoof they have pony-pulled carts. Strange society.
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Bushy eyebrows <3
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The mark of a true MANPONY.
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Magnum and Pearl though the prism of Sweetie Belle's vision.
She watches too much bondiana and such lately = D
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You're welcome ^-^
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