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TMAC - Frilly Applejack


Challenge: #41 ||| Theme: Pony in a gothic lolita or lolita outfit. ||| Time: 30m(45m) ||| Date: 12.05.2013 ||| Tumblr:

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Designing the dress was pretty fun! Other than that it's a pretty standard challenge.

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Those clothes definitely don't suit her. Hehe.
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I'm not sure Rarity would agree. :)
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Applejack: Uh... why am I wearing this again?
Rarity: I asked you to help me create a new line line of dress for Canterlot.
AJ: Why you thought about me? I'm no model! And never had any intention to...
R: And Applejewel?
AJ: Uh... You caught me.
R: I know, darling. It... simply because... the others refused...
AJ: And you thought I wouldn't?
R: Well... Consider that I would give you a favour in exhange?
AJ: Alright. Seems fair. Is it over, yet?
R: Yes. Give me moment to note the measurement and the adjustments...
AJ: You better take a good rest tonight, Rarity.
R: Uh... what? What for?
AJ: I'll use this favor of your right away.
R: W-what?
AJ: I'll need your hooves and unicorn magic for this season's cider. I'm sure we'll make the best batch of the last seasons.
R: Uh...

BEautiful work there. Not Applejack's kind of clothes.
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That's a great little story! :D Nice work to you as well and thanks!
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Awwww! *____* So cuuuuute! ^_^ It's wonderful, I love it! =) Also, that look on her face... =D
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
This situation clearly displeases her. :)
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I imagine it must have been a more-than-standard challenge trying to get AJ to even put that outfit on, much less be caught in front of the camera with it. :D
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
:iconrarityfaceplz::iconsays3plz:"I-It'll help with b-bucking apples!"
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Hahah! Great job Pirill! I love the comfused cute AppleJack! Eg will love this too!
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Glad you liked it! :aww:
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