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TMAC - Apple Pie Applejack


Challenge: #43 ||| Theme: Apple or cake pony ||| Time: 30m(45m) ||| Date: 16.05.2013 ||| Tumblr:

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Pretty interesting challenge: We had to make an actual cake or pie pony. I wish I would've put more time into this and gave it that characteristic pie weave texture but I just left it as it is in the end.

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Yumm yumm, she looks so  tasty! :lol:

...So tasty, not even she herself can resist! :noes:

Nooooo, don't eat yourself, Applejack! You got so much to live for! :O
You still need that hoof for ... picking things up ... and walking ... and stuff. :shrug:

Also, studies have shown that, in a survival situation, eating your own limbs effectively costs one's body more resources to do damage control then one would gain from the nutriants. :bucktooth:
:icontheplz::iconmoreplz::iconyouplz::iconknowplz: =P
</dark humor>
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Always upvote VSauce!...Err..wrong site!
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Well, I guess with Pinkie being an Apple, it only makes sense for AJ to be a pie! =P

Coming back to put a big fat +fav-star on this. :nod:
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Apple Pie or Pie Jack (c. m.)? That's gotta be a question . 
Looks nice 
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
She's gonna be tasty any way you call her. =P
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That's an awesome AJ!
Ambassad0r's avatar
Sometimes I think you like AJ as much as FS. 
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