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Seven Years of Friendship, Magic, and Ponies



Featured as the header for Equestria Daily's Nightly Discussion #1240!
Also featured as the header for Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #2424!
Also featured in Equestria Daily's Best of Celestia (2018) Drawfriend, entry #50!

EDIT: Forgot Trixie's shading layer. It's always something isn't it?

Hey! Some of you might recognize this as based on the five year anniversary sketch I never finished. I gave it a facelift and added some relevant characters and here we go! Only two years (and two weeks) late! I did most of this relatively on time, but then got a pretty bad flu that took a while to clear up so that's why I'm uploading it just now.

As for the milestone...well...seven years is a long time. I could write a long retrospective about the fandom, I could make a summary of my time with it or my plans for the future but ultimately it don't think it really matters. I'm incredibly grateful for everything the fandom gave me and I hope I'll be able to continue offering something back, in my own little way. Thank you, fans, for all the fun moments, wonderful art and juicy memes. Thank you, followers, for your continued support and the feedback that helps me grow. And last but not least thank you, my close friends, for keeping me company and making sure I keep drawing against my lazy instincts. =P Needless to say, I'll definitely be sticking around. I got many more ponies left in me, and the road of improvement doesn't have an end in sight, even if it's just pastel equines!

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Of course Celestia made a cake, she's obsessed with cake! Nice work though! Love the colors!