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Public Service

Featured on Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #1247, Entry #29!

This is one of the older pictures (from around..hmm..December last year) that I never got to upload, or rather I was too lazy to do it. (Which is the case with several other pictures I did which you'll hopefully get to see in the future)

It was a gift for someone who wanted to see a public servant (or civil servant) pony. I'm sure anyone who had to deal with the public service system and its paperwork (or maybe even if you're a part of it) you'll now the frustrations caused by either employees or the public. :) The characters don't have any real meaning behind them, they're just random characters I drew for the picture so any resemblance to other characters is coincidental.

As for technical stuff, from what I recall I did try some new things and enjoyed trying to figure out what the heck to add in the background to make it look a bit more full. I swear not even trying to figure out matching furniture in Sims wasn't this hard. =P

Man, I'm really boring with these titles and descriptions.

:bulletblack: My Little Pony franchise created by Bonnie Zacherle;
:bulletblack:My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Media Vancouver, Hasbro and Top Draw Studios.
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I like this style =D
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
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CS Supervisor, “I won’t stand for any more of your nonsense! One more screw up like this and you’ll be looking for another job! Now get out! OUT!

CS Pony 1: [Newbie] “Is she always like this?”

CS Pony 2: “This? Dear girl, that’s one of her good days!”
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Oh dear. We definitely wouldn't want that to happen!
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In a nutshell! The Solitaire game is a precious detail, it's so true...
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Had a lot of fun with that when I was younger. :D
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Great details, expressions! Really good work.
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Thanks! :D Always fun playing around with expressions.
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Those faces, though XD

I love this. Good narration~!
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Glad you liked it. :D
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fantastic expressions :D
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Pictures like that drive me to draw! So detailed!
It won't ever get old for me to repeat that your drawings like this one are really interesting to look at. Love them, busy backgrounds.
Marvelous job! 
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Thanks again, buddy. Your comments are always heart-warming. :D
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can't disagree with that comment above
Im looking forward for new arts of u too, some of them I like some of them not rly, but mostly- I like things u draw and u do it so nicely

I started to try to draw and create smt too just because of good ppl like u who can do aasing things 
coz u know inspiration is just this kind of thing that makes u fly and then u start wishing to do smt too
some do better some worse, but it always worth to try and it's easier to make this step after such inspiration 

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Aw, thanks so much for the kind words! :hug: I really hope you'll enjoy my future pictures as well and keep making awesome art yourself! :D
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Welcome to The United States government. Where whe take everything that's simple, and complicate it.
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
I think it's true of all governments actually.
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in all the parts of the world the public service is, well, slow and bad administrated? I'm questoning because this image it's almost like in my country XD
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Well, I can only speak for myself but it's pretty much this way here. :)
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Boss: You idiot! This was last year rules! Go back to your desk and rewrite them all right now! I want it on my desk for tomorrow!
Employee: WHAT!?!?! B-but it's impossible....
B: Nothing here is impossible! Except the employees! If you don't bring me this tomorrow you are fired!!!
E: F-fired?
B: Yeah! You got that? Now, get out!!!
E: B-but boss... tomorrow Saturday...
B: So?
E: We are closed tomorrow...
B: Really? *the employee weakly nodded* You were very very lucky this time. Now GET OUT!!!
E: Y-yes.... m-m'mam!
He trotted outside with the pile of paper.
Employee2: W-what was that about? You used the correct rules! Why she...
E: I... made a mistake...
E2: Huh? What mistake you did so she would put in so much work?
E: I bothered her playing at solitaire.
E2: Uh.... what?
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Psh, I never know what to reply to your entertaining comments, thanks for making them! 
I'm sure many people have been in similar situations. =P 
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My pleasure. It's always fun to write them and your work deserved one.

Now, imagine what would have happened if he caught her watching NFSW.
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