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-Photoshop Tutorial- Unicorn's Magic Glow

So, here's a tutorial for making the unicorn's glow seen in the show using Photoshop in a fully vectorized way. This is based on the Unicorn horn glow tutorial for Inkscape made by :iconzutheskunk: Go check out his stuff!
If you see any mistakes, grammar errors and whatnot, please report them to me in the comments. Also, sorry for the pretty poor quality of the images included. The limited screen resolution took it's toll on them when taking the screenshots. :(

EDIT 3/11/2013: Here's an example of the Photoshop CS6 version of this tutorial with a few mentions about the changes in steps. dA automatically creates a preview for the .PSD file on that link in case you don't want to download the example and just want to read the text.
:bulletblack:Original tutorial for Inskcape and the Twilight Sparkle Vector belong to *ZuTheSkunk
:bulletblack:Tom Vector belongs to ~AxemGR
:bulletblack:Sunglasses Vector belongs to *Alexstrazse
:bulletblack:My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Media Vancouver, Hasbro and Top Draw Studios;
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Will use this in gimp
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You mentioned vector mask but which one do we have to use? Reveal all or hide all? You may wan to add that detail because that's where I got stuck, I don't know which one do I have to use, hide or reveal.
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I'm sorry for the slow reply, I've been kind of on a hiatus and then just didn't feel like checking dA properly.

As far as I recall, you never have to create a vector mask from the menu, as creating a shape layer will automatically create a vector mask that hides everything except the shape's path. If you do need to manually create a vector mask for some reason, in CS4 "Reveal All" would have an empty mask, revealing the entire layer, while "Hide All" would make a layer mask that covers the entire layer, hiding it completely by default.

If you have issues telling what's going on, you can increase the layer's preview size like the one in the tutorial, to see what is gray or white on the mask more easily by right clicking (I believe) an empty spot in the layers panel and selecting an appropriate thumbnail size.
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I was trying to do a horn glow on my G1 Boysnberry Pie pic I made a while back and I had to use a different method to create it(I got impatient waiting for your reply so I just figured I'll find another method which it sort of worked it out). ^^;
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Aww, sorry again for the slow reply. I hope it all worked out for you in the end.
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It's cool. I'll try again on my next pic in the future. :)
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ohhh a very nice tutorial i have little question

does this tutorial also work on CS6 version (since this tutorial is on CS4 while i use is at CS6)

(sorry for the terrible grammar. if i had anything wrong correct me)
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Descriptions are magic. :) There's a version with the changes CS6 added to the workflow. I hope it's clear enough.
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Thank you for making this tutorial! ^^ Though I do have a question. Since I have CS3 Extended, I'm having trouble creating the glow in Part 4. Could you provide a test file for this, please? :)    
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Unfortunately I can't. I only used CS4 and then CS6. If you would like to, send me a note with your issue in more detail and I'll see if I can find a solution.
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Ah, okay. Will do! ^^ 
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Thanks so much for making this! It's gonna be really helpful for when I start drawing comics of my unicorn
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Glad you found it helpful! :D
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Can you provide a test file? I'm having problems with the vector masks at part 3 (cs6).
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Certainly. I'll do so as soon as I am able, it's gonna be a pretty hectic week. If I don't do it in a timely fashion, please send me a note about it. I sometimes forget about these things. Sweating a little...
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Will do that Wink/Razz

I have a temporary solution (smaller opacity + outer glow) but it doesn't look half as good as what you do.
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Added a CS6 example with text describing the changes between versions to the description of the tutorial. (Also here's a direct link to it: ) Hope it clears any confusion! :D If you still have issues or feedback, lemme know. :D
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Should I make a animation of her carrying that rock and dropping it?
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If you want to then go for it. :) It's your free time!
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