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Musical Sunblast

Featured on Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #1591, Entry #24!

Hey everyone! :D It's been a while, but my laziness and lack of motivation prevented me from finishing this before. I drew this originally for the Sunset Shimmer request thread that happened on Reddit a million years ago, but eventually got carried away and it turned into this glorious mess. I did some other sketchy-looking pictures, but I'm not sure yet if they deserve any clean-up or maybe some reinterpretation before uploading, so I'll hold off on that for now. (Also I really neglected dA lately, I should get around to cleaning all those deviations and stuff)

Not much to say about this one technically. Thanks to everyone who joined my streams. :) I had fun and learned some new stuff. Also need to remind myself to not be sloppy with translucent outlines next time. Filling in weird-looking areas was a pain. Oh and mad props to thediscorded for the license plate idea. :D

:bulletblack: My Little Pony franchise created by Bonnie Zacherle;
:bulletblack: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Media Vancouver, Hasbro and Top Draw Studios.
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I'm half glad this was done before Mad Max, or 90% of the comments would be referencing it. =P
jeremeymcdude's avatar
Because we all know that the Mustang can't hold up to the awesome sunset shimmer power.
Micro-the-Autobot's avatar
Camaro is now officially a brony's car. AND BADASS! :D
Ikarooz's avatar
I really dig the explosions
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Probably the most fun part to draw in this! :D
JetPowerFIE's avatar
I have a sudden urge to make this scene in much FXs...
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Good luck with that. =P 
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Great is the gap between inspiration and actualization.
Artificial-Thunder's avatar
That plate...I see what you did there.
revan1801's avatar
Have you ever felt so awesome that you turned into a pony playing electric guitar while riding on top a racer car at top speed with explosions going off everywhere? 

Sunset Shimmer has and she felt damn awesome!!
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Psh, it happens at least 3 times a day.
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And here we see the Sunset Shimmer in her natural habitat, shortly before hitting 88 miles an hour.  :D
brony4all's avatar
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
I'm sure she'll be fine. She doesn't even need a safety helmet to be awesome!
What was she playing at the moment of coolness?!
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