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ATG V - Day 6 - Champion



Featured in Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #1879, Entry #22!
Also featured in Equestria Daily's Fluttershy Day Compilation, Entry #99!

ATG link: www.equestriadaily.com/2015/08…
Theme: Pony playing games / Pony Champion

Hey there! You might be wondering what's with this totally random submission today, especially since the ATG was a long time ago. Well, read on to find out!

Back when the ATG was going, I actually did sketches for all the days, and I'd really like to finish them sometime, but as we all know, I'm so unreliable that there's a pretty good chance I'll never do it. Or put it off forever. That said, there were a few pics I did more progress on, and this was one I actually finished then and never posted because I wanted to finish the ones before it first, which never happened. At least at the time of writing this.

That said, the reason I decided to upload it, was because EQD is hosting a Fluttershy Day event and since I'm also on hiatus, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to upload this, even though it's out of order. Here's hoping I will one day get to the other ones in the set. :)

About the picture, I can only say I had a lot of fun working on it. Painting the gold and that wing pose was a challenge but it ended up looking pretty great I think. :D

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The world champion for being quietest pony. :)