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DCC 2020 - Shimsham11
NATG VIII - Day 8 - Love at first sight
Costume Conundrum
NATG VIII - Day 7 - Dangerous situation
Sunset Shredder
NATG VIII - Day 6 - Ponkirin
Dragon Napper Shy
NATG VIII - Day 5 - Summer horse
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--The pain of knowing and not just assuming-- In the never ending debate about how features in different applications and file formats work, we're now at a point of needing to journal about this apparently. I definitely feel like this. For the record, this is me addressing this journal entry and some of the subsequent discussion that has taken place in the comments. I hope to not offend anyone with my following comments, but understand that I undoubtedly will. Sometimes being on the software development side of things and knowing EXACTLY how things work under the hood, and being told by users that this is "really" how it works (based on the
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The End of Pony?
My friend Lauren over at the Daily Dot recently posted a rather interesting article considering the various signs of a dwindling fandom, and whether the G4-based My Little Pony community is burning out at the same breakneck pace of which it initially flared to life. On one hand, the article is a more than a little tongue-in-cheek and clearly meant to ruffle the horsefeathers of a community that has proven exceptionally good at being ruffled over the past several months.  Controversy, reactionary rants and drama wars forged in the fire of hurt feelings, damaged reputations, and public vitriol have been the norm lately.  Far more of the negati
On fandom, fans, and trolls
I just flew in from Seattle, and I had a great time.  In many ways it was one of the best cons I've been to.  For my own part, everyone I met and encountered, from staff to attendees to VAs to friends old and new, were positive and the people incredibly kind and brilliant.  I was witness to countless incidents of generosity and honesty and solidarity.  Rarely have I smiled so hard or as often in the company of so many good people and admirable fans.   But, sadly, it seems not every experience this past weekend was so positive.   Before My Little Pony I had no real experience with the concept of fandom beyond what I read with horror, and, admi
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My Bio
Just a student with a passion for drawing, video games, and ponies!
The tools I use to create my pictures are :iconadobeai-plz: and :iconadobeps-plz: CS6 as well as :iconpaint-tool-saiplz:


I might fill this up as time goes along, I doubt people would want to know more about me at this time. I try to improve and try new things constantly so my deviations will most likely be based on whatever mood or willingness to experiment I will be in at the time. I hope you'll enjoy them!


I livestream sometimes at www.picarto.tv/live/channel.ph… I usually post up a journal when I do so and delete it afterwards. Feel free to join if you wanna see me draw pony stuff or maybe if you have a question about drawing or something!


If you want a certain piece or vector from a composition, ask away and I'll provide it separate from the original deviation. :D
Also, I don't do tags most of the time. If you tag me, you'll probably have that tag ignored.
Also also, I consider dA Premium to be a waste of money so if anyone gets the dumb idea of getting me some, save your money. =P

Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


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