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If it seems like I am rather inactive at the moment, it's because I am about to graduate and moving cities!

In a little more than a week, I will receive my PhD! :dummy:

So now I am getting ready to start my new life as a professor at a small but extremely cool university in central Tokyo. Suffice it to say, I am extremely stoked and really looking forward to my new life. Don't worry, I will still be making games and my current active project, Magic Forest, is gonna get finished one way or another.

After a long and grueling exposure to everything Japanese job searching has to offer, I can say with pride that I have found myself something awesome which, honestly, still feels too good to be true. Let's hope that won't be the case! :D

As for Pirates Adventure, don't worry, as there's no way in hell I will abandon the project. I will start switching to UE4 though and try to get the entire game in there instead.


The Piraty Project
I am a lone gamedesigner hailing from the Netherlands working on my long-time pet project; Pirates Adventure. So far I am doing pretty much everything apart from music (which would immediately break my game anyway =P).

Pirates Adventure will be a side scrolling action adventure much in the way Zelda games are played. I aim to emulate the style I have in my regular drawings, to give it a nice and "crayony" feel. Watch me if you are interested!

Current Residence: The Netherlands
Personal Quote: Don't be bad, be evil!


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Cable-Bunny8 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, you work is super cool!~ if you don't mind me asking what kind of software do you use?
borschtplz Featured By Owner Edited Dec 2, 2014
Thread closed, so I couldn't reply to your comment!  I've been doing other shit with life, graduated college and whatnot.  I also made like two other art accounts( and ) to inspire myself to do more art and then promptly abandoned them after a while because I'm lazy.  

But now that I have "a real job" and no school and free time, I've decided to come back for a bit, and hopefully get inspired to do more art.  

But in the meantime, I'll just dick around Complaints, as usual.  
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Heh, I found it interesting how little people actually remembered you. Then I checked my previous account and found that I have been skulking around DA for 9 years already. I am getting old. :noes:

And please do. The level of lol has been dropping drastically. We need some more hilarity over there.
borschtplz Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
8 years for me.  It's interesting that people actually do remember me.  

It's not the same, huh?  That blows.  
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Most of the actually funny people are pretty much gone. We have some of the guys turn up every now and then and some of the newer people are pretty fun, but they cannot really compete to the glorious mess that Complaints used to be. And I generally hate to be the guy that goes "But in MY time everything was better." Also has a bit to do with the features/rules of DA though. No callouts, the ability to lock your own thread, blocks extending all the way into the forums. The best thing to look forward to are the summer trolls and even they generally just beat the poor poor dead horse into an even finer mist. The place that once was able to send so many people to ED now even barely knows it exists.

...all in all, I think the place got neutered. That, or all the real idiots just moved to Tumblr. :noes:
Morfonious Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Good luck with your game bro.
SluttyAndprowd Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Would you like to repeat that remark you made in the forums and show yourself up to your friends and fanboys?
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Sorry, took me a bit to find the comment (next time, link it okay? Makes it easier to quote. I mean, come on. You have the reply right there in your bloody inbox!).

You call that shit art? LOL

Even an art troll would laugh at you. LOL

I reckon I have fulfilled your request with this? No wait, I like service, let me add some. First of all, it's a dead give-away that you are a hopeless failtroll by the simple fact that you joined this week with that particular name. You compound this with literally the absolutely most boring troll art one can imagine. Seriously dude, that shit was already outdated when Chase did it first. We get it; you try to be edgy by making crappy MSPaint doodles. So impressed. Much deep. Wow. Furthermore, you try to antagonize the people in the forums by trying to call them out with a generous amount of swears and name calling. With hilarious consequences, since no one gave a shit. No, your shtick (if you can even call it as such) is boring and overdone; even trolls will laugh at you. And if that is truly who you are? Oh man, that makes it that much sadder. For you. :lol:
SluttyAndprowd Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Thanks for your time, too bad it doesn't make any sense because ms paint doesn't support animation retard.
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
Who gives a shit. It still stands; it may not have been made in MSPaint, but it is still on par with crappy MSPaint doodles. Congratulations, you still suck. :shrug:
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