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are true pirates
Current Residence: wherever the wind be takin' us
Shell of choice: conch
Personal Quote: "Yarr!"
Welcome aboard the fearsome pirate ship Sea Cockrel

Our crew is going strong!
Hoist them sails, get yer swords, let's take off before the honest folk make us dance the hempen jig!

A Note:
Unlike many other pirate clubs here on DA, this is NOT a fan club for any film. However marvelous and hot that film may be, we here on the fearsome pirate ship Sea Cockrel are an artist collective. We share the same general love/obsession/lifestyle, and this means we should unite at last.
This is not a hateful alienation of fan clubs, nor those who saw a certain film and were inspired to become a pirate. All in all, we share the same love for piratedom.
I was simply making the distinction between this ship and... others.
-Captain Canenero


:skullbones: corsairs, privateers, buccaneers, scallywags, scurvy dogs, fellow Captains, and, to spice things up, a good mutineer or two

:skullbones: those who are [or think they are] pirates

:skullbones: pirate admirers

:skullbones: those who create pirate-themed art or writing

Note the Pirates account if you'd like to be a member of the crew. Remember to tell us what your NAME AS A PIRATE is.

As a member, it would be only due and proper of you to add the PIRATES icon into your journal or signature.

Keep in mind that comments left on the main page seeking entry will probably not be seen.

If they are you will automatically become a swab, and the cat o' nine tails will become your new best mate.

On Contests:
A contest will be held every two months. The winner will be decided on a voting basis [among the members], and will recieve a one-month subscription to DeviantArt.
At the end of five contests, the five winners will have the option of competing in a sort of finals. This contest will have a general pirate theme, and will also be due at the end of two months. The winner, who will also be determined on a voting basis [this is a pirate democracy, unfortunently we are no longer able to duel to the death...] will recieve a three-month subscription to DeviantArt.
This is all friendly competition, mates, let's be kind n' fair to each other... for the most part.

Orders of business:

Draw yourself as a pirate, or your main pirate character. Backgrounds are encouraged, but not necessary. It can be color or black and white. It may also be a piece already in your gallery.
Send a link of your submission to the acount, with the subject title CONTESTENTRY.
Submissions due when there are ten [that be 10, yeh bilge rats] entries in total.
A mega-deviation will be made with all submissions.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate send a note to the account.


A deviant id and icon are being designed. This ship only just set sail...

If you have any work you would like to submit to Pirates especially, send a note to the account, if you'll be so kind.

:icondeaddog: Captain Canenero

:iconpirate-trish: First Mate Trish
:iconkillskerry: Second Mate Maelstrom Kate

:iconjanieforsaken: Official Unlucky Ship-Wench Jane
:iconaerindreah: Peg-Nostril Pete
:iconmaui: Cabin-Kid Pickerel
:iconthegrimwombat: Emileebeard
:iconriceball: Scallywag Kyo
:iconilljules: Rum Gunner McCricket
:iconibilisi-kuku: Javelynn, The Prettiest Monkey
:iconprayingforrain: Sassy, the Galley Wench
:iconstonedrabbit: Cap'n Stoney
:icongallyko: Gally the Black Rose, Captain of the Cubic Zirconia
:iconliankathleen: Nails, the Ominously Innocent Cabin Boy
:iconchi-furo: Cap'n Hari of the Black Widow
:iconcee: Captain Iron Sparrow
:iconkalixo: Captain Khyber el Tiburon
:iconyarr: Buccaneer McDuff
:iconemiliana: Sharp-Knife Em
:icontenmachan: Greymalkin
:iconmysia: Mysia
:iconsupakat: Kap'n Kat
:iconanubis-tweekthm:First Mate Shyvra Hawktalon of the Scarlet Wake
:iconskantfa: Jack Durdan
:iconstickdevil: HollowJack
:iconsarahsoda182: Captain Frutopia
:iconbiancamarou: Scourge Pirate Bianca Silver
:iconkitteh: Unnaturally Fluffy Wench Kittarr
:icondarkwater-pirate: Captian Darkwater of The Dirty Pickle
:iconjanuslines: Wenchy Privateer Janus
:iconblue-dog: Blue-Dog the Grogswiller
:iconmalk: One-Eyed Willy
:iconexpiry: Cutthroat Xelic Ley
:icontwistedpaperdoll: Blind Billy Bob
:iconblackrose321: Cap'n Omega
:iconalbyon: Cap'n Nabelle of the Silver Scythe
:iconwolfpooka: MurdaMoe
:iconpatchworkangel: Cap'n Ann Sable
:iconscratched: Jack Lockreign
:iconyuyuyasha: Cirrus
:iconbohemianbeauty: Corsair Meg of the Rushing Rogue
:iconcr45h: Cap'n Jim Crashimus of the (currently underwater but still good) ship Lobo
:iconadiabatik: Adiabatik
:iconmikau-isuma: Mato "Blackheart" Dikura of The Nidura Wonder
:icondashinvaine: The Great Pirate Dash
:iconbatness: Gloom
:iconlevs: Third 1/2 Mate MacKenzie
:iconweja: sofa king stupid!
:iconkinini: Ship dentist, JimBoberella " scurvy-smile" Smith

Affiliate Ships:
:iconthe-pirate-club: :iconyaoiplunder:

We ein't gonna beg... but join, will ye?


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how do you join? cause i actualley am a pirate. i trully sail up to peoples boats jump on theirs and puch them in the face. i then throw them overboard and take the prize. please let me join and if you dont believe me ask my friends and watchers
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