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Terms of Use

:shamrock: Rules for Use of My Stock :shamrock:

:ahoy: Hi, thank you for your interest in my stock!

I reserve the right to change/alter/amend/add to these rules at any time I feel is necessary without prior notice to the users of these stocks/resources, or anyone else.  Any change will be effective at the time it's made, unless I inform you otherwise.  This means that at the time I make a change to the rules, if a work you have made with my resources violates my rules because of the change, you are ok to leave the work as-is unless I contact you and ask you to change it.

:pointr: These rules apply to all of my stocks and resources unless it says otherwise in the artist comments of the individual stock image. :pointl:  
If you do not agree to the rules listed, you do not agree to the proper use of my stock and therefore cannot use it. In any instance the rules I have made are not adhered to, every action available will be taken to have your works removed and/or you banned from future use of my resources.

:pointr: Only deviantArt members may use my stock. If you are a dA member, you may use my stocks for free (excluding exclusives) as long as you follow these rules.

You may use my stock as a traditional reference, in photo-manipulations, buttons, stamps and icons, journal CSS, whatever you can think of, as long as you follow the rest of my rules. :pointl:

The "Do nots"

DO NOT redistribute my stock in any way, for profit or not.

DO NOT make stock out of my stock.

DO NOT use my stock in conjunction with something you found on Google or some other site that is not a valid resource; this includes celebrity images.  
That is copyright infringement (which is illegal) and I will not be associated with it. I will ask you to remove my stock from your work.

DO NOT use my stock for anything promoting hatred, prejudice, or showing animal cruelty.

DO NOT use any of my stock for pornographic OR FETISH work (this includes foot stuff, giant/tiny person stuff, inflated pool toy stuff, etc.).

You may use my stock for religious works, but DO NOT use it to criticize, condemn, or otherwise knock other religions.  The same applies to any sort of pride works such as nationality and sexual orientation.  Go for it, but do not put others down.

You may use my stock for macabre/horror-type works.  In fact, I love that stuff!

If you are unsure, just ask!

Be Creative

Every use of my resources must consist of substantial manipulation.  Do something to my stock other than a simple color change, filter overlay, or just slapping it onto something else as-is.  Do something interesting to my stock, turn it into art, and have fun with it!

Notify Me

Leave a comment on the stock you used with a link to your deviation (preferred). Or if you don't want to do that, leave a comment on my front page or send me a note.  
If you comment on my front page or note me, please let me know which of my stocks/resources you used in your deviation so I don't have to guess.  I'll check out your work, leave a comment, and +fav it.  If you would like to add the stock you used (or any others) as a fav on your account, I would be thrilled, but it is not a necessity. :heart:

Credit Me

You must put a link to the stock image you used, or at least a link to my account, in the Artist Comments of your work, so that others may know where you found the stocks and are able to find and use them too.  If you take the works off-site (see "Use outside of dA" below), you must credit me there as well.  If you post your image somewhere off of deviantArt, you must put "piratelotus-stock at deviantart" ON the image (and it must be readable), or on the same web page as the image.  Simply writing "piratelotus-stock" is not specific enough, and will not help anyone find the stock.  If you see my stock being used somewhere with no mention of me, please let me know.

Exclusive and Restricted Stock

Some of my stock is restricted.  To read about how to acquire it for use, see here: piratelotus-stock.deviantart.c…  The same rules apply (including those about distribution) to the restricted stock as all of my other stock PLUS: You must ask to use it, and by asking for it, you agree to not share it with anyone else.

Some of my stock is exclusive.  It is meant as a prize to win in a contest, but if you want it without winning it, you can pay the specified amount on PayPal to  Make sure you specify which pack you want! Also leave your e-mail address in the "Message" section so I can e-mail you the stock.

All of my rules (including those about distribution) still apply to this stock.  
The stock will arrive in a .zip folder, unless you specify you need it otherwise (I can send it in single files as well).
Transactions are non-refundable.

On-Site Prints

All deviantArtists have my permission to enable and sell prints of their work containing my stock.  However, note me if you're submitting it as a print so I can put it on my wish list!  Also, if you sell a lot of prints (15 or so) I would love if you sent me one.  Yes, it is your manip, but part of what is being sold came from me, so I think it is nice to send me one if you're making a lot of money from it ;)  For off-site prints, see the "Use Outside of dA" section below.

Use Outside of dA and Commercial Use

If you want to use these stocks outside of dA for non-commercial purposes, you must either put "piratelotus-stock at deviantart" ON the image (and it must be readable), OR on the same web page as the image.  Simply writing "piratelotus-stock" is not specific enough, and will not help anyone find the stock.  Also, you must provide me with a link to where you are posting your work it if it is on the web. For things not online, such as school projects, you still must show me somehow (like with a photograph of the work).

If you want to use my stocks for commercial purposes, such as Premium Content downloads or off-dA prints or any other sort of thing that makes you money, you must ASK ME FIRST and explain what you want to do with them.  If you are not a deviantART member, you may not use my stock.  Keep in mind that some images simply can not be used commercially, because of the subject (certain properties, models, etc.) and I will have to say no so we both don't get sued.

I'm Possessive of My Stock

Do not take my stock and claim it as your own.  Do not post my stock anywhere without it being manipulated into new art.

Stock Out of Stock

You may NOT make any stock or resources of any kind out of my stock.  No premade backgrounds, no tubes, no textures, nothing.  The only exception is that you may use my stock in a tutorial.

Put Your Work in the Correct Category

This means not the photography category.  I took the pictures, you manipulated them.  Put your work in the photo-manipulation category, or whatever is appropriate to your work.

Requests and Commissions

I will take requests if I can.  Just keep in mind that I do have a full-time job. I will try to get you what you need, just send me a note!
Same thing for commissions; I will have to look at it on a case-by-case basis :)

:pointr: If you have any questions about something that you didn't find an answer to here, don't hesitate to note me! :pointl:

TonioSite has my permission to sell his work on that contains the stock found at piratelotus-stock.deviantart.c…

Old Paper from duesterheit
Brushes and Tutorial from calthyechild
CSS template from TrashyDragon
Iced Text Tutorial from Kozzumel
Editing by PirateLotus-stock
© 2010 - 2021 PirateLotus-Stock
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venusbeto's avatar
Hello can i use them for my Instagram art Page givenyou The credit and a link below?
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Hi!  If you use them to make art, yes.
o0-WarriorMaiden-0o's avatar
Do the Commercial Use terms cover virtual money? I occasionally do art for others on HEE (Horse Eden Eventing) and would be getting paid for pieces exclusively in ebs (Eden Bucks), the site currency. It would be for something like this:… :)
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
That's fine, go for it :)
o0-WarriorMaiden-0o's avatar
Just to clarify (and also for some reason I only see 2/3s of the stock rules, the right bit is cut off a list of your other journal notes) if I use your stock to practice drawing and painting, and post them to my instagram and personal blog (not a dA) one, with a link to the reference,and writing piratelotus-stock by my name on it, is that allowed?

thanks :)
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Eep! Not sure how to fix that formatting problem, unfortunately :(

Yes, that is allowed :)  Also, I'd like to see the work if it's possible to give me a link!
It could just be because I’m using a tablet. :shrug: 

thank you for the reply! I aim to post a link a link in each deviation that I use.... just hoping I don’t miss one. All stock that I think I may use/I like goes in my favorite stock folder. Although it might get changed to favorite stock i an use. :D
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
CheshireChaosWolf's avatar
I used one of your stock as a pose reference for a non-sexual nude of one of my characters, is it okay to post it or would that violate your "no pornography" rule?
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
That's totally fine :)
Gyzmo-Grim's avatar
If the explanation/clarification of what I want to do is too long, here's the condensed version of it: is the rule for fetish work for when the fetish work is meant to be sexual or if it's anything remotely relating to a fetish is depicted even if depicted as nonsexual and mundane?

I have a question, and I wanted to ask you about it before trying to use a stock image for a reference seeing you're not comfortable with your stock being used for explicit/fetish work. I wanted to ask for clarification on your stance on it out of respect for your rules and your personal comfort.

I admit, I do do fetish art. However, I very rarely make it sexual in nature and it's a lot more likely for me to focus on character development, the character themselves, or a cuter aspect/situation rather than anything sensual(in fact the one time I did do something sexual/sensual people almost lost their shit and told me many times they didn't see it coming at all).

I wanted to use this stock image of yours  Mari 16 by PirateLotus-Stock  as a reference when drawing this character  Candy Jarr application: Olivia Omen UPDATED by Gyzmo-Grim  (who admittedly is kinda a fetishy character for a more obscure fetish) in more of a mundane situation or just cuddling up in a blanket being cute/watching netflix.

Would you be alright with me using the stock image as a reference image given the idea I wanted to draw with it?
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
I sent you a note :)  (well, 2, because I hit send too soon >_> )
Gyzmo-Grim's avatar
nightMAREgraphics's avatar
Hey just curious, 

im gathering up a list of stock artists (generally with horse/donkey/dear/background stock) who are willing to let me purchase stock in order to NOT credit them. 

Basically, for commissions and likely some trades, I'd like to offer my commissioners the right to NOT credit the stock providers. Of course, I am willing to offer a small amount of USD as compensation, about maybe 10% of what I'll make from said commission, or a few dollars if its a trade. For example, if I have a portrait manipulation order that someone paid me $15 to do, I might be willing to spend $1.5 on all the stock needed.

Would something like that be acceptable to you? (I noticed a nice collection of donkey stock in your gallery). I will credit you of course, upon upload, and make sure the commissioner is aware that I have utilized your services, but they'll be free to reupload/use etc without credits

I am not using professional stock sites, as they cater to professional photomanipulators (which I am not) so their plans are like $40/month for up to 100 pieces of stock, wheras I might not even do one personal manipulation a month.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Hi, thanks for the question!

Commercial use of my stock varies in price, but is more than $1.50, so I think that probably answers your question.  But to actually answer your question, in general, work using my stock may not be posted without credits.  Let me know if you need any more info :)
nightMAREgraphics's avatar
It won't necessarily be commercial use, I might occasionally do commission work for other people's personal reason (so they won't be making direct profit from advertisement of the art). I would like to know though, is there a price where I can pay for the commissioner(s) to not require crediting you (I will credit you, its just a privilege I would like to extend to customers, if needed).

My example of $1.50 is not an exact value, I think 10% of a commission income should be usable on stock. So if i do a $100 price (though i don't think im THAT skilled), that's around $10, or I can ask the customer to foot it. I used the $15 (where 10% is 1.5) as an example because I think a set of manip portraits might be do able in the near future. 

Anyways, I think this is more professional for commissions. I personally catalog commercial use, as something where the art is directly being profited from (movie posters, book covers etc) so I don't think this necessarily fits under that category. So let me know what you think! Sorry its a bit long but I wanted to make this 100% clear! 
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
No worries, I type even more XD  I sent you a note :)
anatiidae's avatar
To be sure, if I used your stock as a reference image for a piece of art I were to put on Redbubble (, if I linked your deviantART page and the link to the stock used in the 'Artist Notes', would that be okay? I also upload all of my Redbubble designs to dA so I would of course credit you on dA also. 
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Yes, that would count as commercial use, I'll send you a note :)
MrsCCHS's avatar
Great, thank for your job
mimimaddy101's avatar
if anything, I keep any pictures I use stock or bases on to myself on my PC and never share the file with anyone
unless I have something specific to share with people, I always give credit when necessary (so far) otherwise I only ever show people if they are in the same room as my PC...
is that alright
mimimaddy101's avatar
that's cool... I have so much art I don't share on teh webs
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