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Rock stock


You may not do any equine photomanipulations with this image.

If you want to do a different medium with a horse in it (such as a drawing) that's fine, but no horsey manips. I cannot stand it anymore. There is a huge amount of other "backgrounds" on dA you can use if all you wanna do is slap a horse on it.

Anyway, this is a nice rock we passed on the way up to Mt. Evans in Colorado. Or maybe it was on the way down, I don't know.

I miss those blue mountains ...amazing how one state over can be so different

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:bulletblue: Comment here when you use it
:bulletblue: Credit me on your piece
:bulletblue: Be creative!

See complete rules in my journal BEFORE using this stock->

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Used for photo reference 
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Hi, it seems you missed the big "NO HORSES" text in the description of this stock, and the explanation of the rule below that.  I have to ask you to find a different background for your image, and to remove the image with my stock in it from wherever it's been posted.
MediaMother's avatar
this looks like a turtle ... nose and eye in place ... how cool :) 
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Haha you're right ^.^
cindercloud400's avatar
may i use this i want to make an avatar for a game called horse eden but you wrote no horses and i wanted to use it with some horses that are precut that i have may i use it with a horse?
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Regardless of if it's used as an avatar, it is still the manipulation of photographs.   That would be an equine photomanipulation, so no.
owlunai's avatar
I think some people would find it very insulting that you're speaking of equine photomanipulation as if it's easy and/or lazy. Let me tell you, it takes PRACTICE, EFFORT, and TIME. So please don't be so condescending. Thank you.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
The only people that should be offended are the ones that want to "slap a horse on it," which, unfortunately, is the kind of uses it was getting at the time I changed the rules of this particular image as well as some others.  They would literally cut the horse out (rather sloppily) and paste it on top of a background and call it done; no attempt at blending or painting in a mane and tail or any of that, and yes, I'd call that lazy.  I'm very aware that some people take the time and effort to make an artwork, regardless of the subject, and I've seen many many equine manips that were amazing and obviously worked on very hard.  But, rather than force people to follow my subjective opinion on what was or wasn't "good enough" of a use, I banned them altogether.  Sometimes a few people ruin it for everyone, and in this case, that's what happened.
M-Mannering's avatar
Thank you for your beautiful stock! I used it here: m-mannering.deviantart.com/art…
Snurel's avatar
Used your stock for a manipulation, thanks :) prntscr.com/4kiqtr
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Nice work :) Could you add credits please?
Snurel's avatar
I added them. Sorry, I had put up quickly and forgot the credits.
Thanks for the compliment.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Thanks. Where are they? I don't see them on the page (never used that site before)
Snurel's avatar
I used a screenshot site, that screenshot my edits. I didn't add words on it though.
I credited however, when I uploaded the picture.
Most of my manipulations will not have words on them unless it's a quote. Even then, it'll actually be rare. I do, however, credit when I upload them to my pages.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Where is it on this page? prntscr.com/4kiqtr I'm not seeing credits there. Do I have to click on something to see them?  Also, I didn't know you uploaded it on dA, please be sure to let me know where you put anything that has my stock in it :)
Snurel's avatar
The prtnscr is just the screenshot of the work.
It downloads photos to your computer when you screenshot it.
Ah yeah, sorry I did upload it to dA.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
I just figured out the prntscr site encourages editing of things that are posted there.  I do not allow this type of thing with my stock.  Please remove your work containing my stock from that site.
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
Ok, if you upload it anywhere it needs to have credits on it, including the prntscr site.
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