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I want to move there. I've got some questions.
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GraubenDawb Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I am from Argentina!
And what would you like to know?
PirateLila Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's so cool! I've got a lot of question, but no need to answer all. :D
What city do you live in (if you want to say)? What is the best city or village to live there? Is it safe there? How much does it cost to rent or buy a small flat? Is it hard to find a job? Are there many people who speak english or you rather speak spanish? Are there many imigrants for example from polish? Is it hard to live there? Do you dance salsa? xD
GraubenDawb Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hahah it's ok, ask all you want ^^
Oh, and I apologize for my english

- I live in Rosario, Santa Fe. Argentina is divided in 23 provinces (here's a nice map~) and I've visited just a few ones, so I'll tell you about those I know 

- It depends of what would you like. If you like small and quiet cities, I would recommend you Santa RosaVilla General BelgranoFederacion and Villa Mercedes (this one is not small, but it's very pretty and peaceful) If you want to see more, just tell me and I'll send you a few more ^^

On the other hand, if you prefer larger cities (Considering that they have lots of noise, traffic and other things that a large city has) I would recommend you RosarioLa PlataSan Luis and Mendoza. As I said before, If you want to see more, just tell me and I'll send you a few more

- About safety, well, it's a bit safer in the smaller villages or cities. But it always depends, because I live in Rosario and until now I never had a safety related problem

- Again, that depends. It's a flat just for yourself or for a whole family? Because single-room or two-room apartments are the cheapest. It also depends of the area of the city. For example, here in Rosario a flat near the Parana river is more expensive than one in a modest neighborhood.
I think that flats are not that expensive in smaller cities, but I'm not sure tho

- It depends, again :'D what kind of job would you like? In order to get a job it's obligatory to have completed primary and secondary school, and if you have an university degree or you are studying a career, the better. That doesn't guarantee you completely that you will find a job right away, but it's going to make it a lot easier for you to be hired

- Most people know a few english words, especially in larger cities, but everyone speaks spanish

- Yes! Every year Argentina receives a lot of inmigrants, most of them are from Italy or Spain. If you want I could try to find if there is some government support or something for immigrants c:

- Ehhhhh yes and no, it has pros and cons, but it's very good :D (Big Grin)  

- Nope STEVEN UNIVERSE INTENSIFIES  here tango rules~ xD

Big comment sorry, I hope you can understand this sad attempt of english :'v
PirateLila Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow thank you very much for your answer! :heart: I understood everything, so your English is not bad (also sorry for mine). :D
I am really grateful for these informations and now it will be easier for me. I was just thinking about Rosario, because I liked this city (never been there, but read about it). Or somewhere around. :)
I plan to finish my studies (if it will go well, it'll be for two years), I study psychopedagogics, but I also develop myself in the IT trade. The only thing I'm afraid of is the language barrier. I speak a little spanish, but I'm afraid it's not enough to live. Now I'm going to sign up for a language course and still work out.

I was thinking of just a small studio flat, because so far I'm alone and don't need high level of life.

Thank you once again. For now, these are preliminary plans, but I intend to think about it seriously and this is my life goal. If I succeed, I will be very happy. If I will be close to realize it, I will probably ask for more informations! :D

I have a little more questions, is it expensive there? Will I survive for the lowest salary? And are there studies in English there in Rosario? and are there any natural cataclysms in Argentina? o:
GraubenDawb Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Aww you're welcome :D and great! It's ok, I can understand yours too ^^

Oh that's cool! And yeah, maybe the language is going to be an issue, but don't worry, once you start learning it, and once you start speaking with native spanish speakers you'll be fine with it!
If you want to practice speaking it, (or well, writing it) you can count with me c:

Oh, then money shouldn't be a problem, because small apartments are the cheapest ones, compared to the rest

Awww great! I hope you can achieve it ^^ and sure!

- Yes, kinda, because we are in the middle of an economic inflation problem

- It depends of your needs, but with the lowest salary you can survive I think. Because you would need to buy food and stuff just for you, and the flat would be small so yes, I thinks you could be economically confortable. Still, I suggest you to save money, just in case

- Do you mean careers? Nop, it's all in spanish. But you could study to be an english teacher, in those classes people speak more english than spanish, so would be fine there

- Nah, almost never. Only near the Andes (another map), there are sometimes mild earthquakes from Chile, but they happen very occasionally. And if I'm not wrong there are also tornadoes, but in the southernmost part of the territory. And they may happen very ocasionally too, almost never. So don't worry, it's a very safe place from cataclysms :) (Smile) 
PirateLila Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay thank you! Gracias! :heart:

I see. Sure, I will save money. :D The flight costs a lot itself. :faint:
Ok... I hope my spanish will be better. I was learning for 2 years but it was only once every two weeks in collage. I know some basic words and phrases only. Y puedo describir a mi amigo. XD (Don't know if the grammar is good XD)
I listen a lot of spanish songs to listen the language and it easier for me to remember phrases from songs. :D I love Natalia Oreiro, los Gorilas and Gilda. Don't know if they are popular, but I found them when I was watching muñeca brava (love it ) xD Maybe you want to recommend some songs to me? :D

Thanks again for your informations and for the map, really aprreciate it! :tighthug:

Oh and of course another one question: what is your food? xD For example, do you eat a lot of seafood? I don't like it xD But I love pasta. :heart:
GraubenDawb Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^

Oh, it's ok! Your grammar is fine :D 
xDD aw that's a good idea! It sure helps a lot, I did the same thing but with english.
And I would reccommend you Fandango,  LluviaPide piso, Latinoamérica (there're little parts of other latinoamerican languages, but most of it it's in spanish, it's so good ♥) Me vieron cruzar and Fucsia
There are way more of course, so if you want more just tell me ^^

Aww you're welcome!

oh xD well, the typical meals here are:

- empanadas

- asado

- milanesas

- locro

- choripan

and the best desserts/drinks/other are

- alfajores
- dulce de leche (the best When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) ) 

- pastafrola

- pastelitos

- torta frita

- mate

Now I'm starving xD

And nop, there's not much seafood here. But yess all types of pasta!!
PirateLila Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you very very much for all of this!
And sorry I haven't responded you earlier. I had a lot to do :faint:
I will check it out! Thanks again :huggle:
Omg it looks so yummy :iconyummyplz:
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