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Sons and Daughters [Flash Comic]

By pirate-pet
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**Note: This comic is told in flashback narrative; Mikey has just entered the dojo and begun to examine Yoshi's family portrait as he recalls the conversation his brothers were having in the den area; text without speech bubbles are either thoughts or words spoken by characters off-screen.  I hope that isn't painfully confusing. .___.;;;  Also, this was originally animated (and looked a lot nicer), but my computer doesn't have enough memory to save it as a .gif, hence the flash and laggy buttons. ;_; Sorry.**

Wow kind of nervous to post now that I'm afraid I botched this whole thing augh. D'x  Next animated comic will be nicer and less confusing, I promise. ;_;

Anyway- Miwa bomb feels.  Also, I really, REALLY hope we get an episode where the idea of Splinter becoming human again is posed- and the turtles' conflicted reactions to it.  I don't expect it to be an angst fest, BUT YOU KNOW, I WOULDN'T COMPLAIN IF IT WAS... 8 D

OH AND TRANSLATION: "I will love you always" (I think. Tell me if I'm wrong, but my sister bothered me to put it there for the Lilo and Stitch reference omg.)

Edit: You guys, your comments are making me cry like you have no idea. ;;A;;  I love all of you<333 :iconsupertighthugplz: *clings tightly*

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Anyone have any suggestions for it not working? I want to watch this so badly! I have gotten to the point where I'm attempting to reload flash onto my browser some how please! Any assist would be fantastic! I can watch the other one but for some reason this one will not work for me. I need to see Mikey and Splinter! Is there another place I can find it?

Nothing is stronger than love -  that fact beautifully illustrated in your piece.   This is good medicine for my heart and soul.
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Amazing. So beautiful! It's perfect!
Thank you so much for sharing!
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My god, this is beautiful Waaaah! 
Flamestar123456's avatar
Every time I see this I cry!
sukuangtou's avatar
I'm not crying....It's just dust in my eyes....
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For some reason it won't let me view the comic. :c
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This is beautiful! 
Your art makes me want to cry tears of jOY!
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I remember first seeing this when it was posted several years ago. Now, midway through 2016, it still makes my heart clench up to read. <3
All aboard the feels train! First stop, Tearsville! CHOO-CHOO
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This was so beautiful. The art work, the story - all of it. I adored every single frame.
TheJennikins's avatar
OMG! my heart......this touching; heart-wrenching and heartwarming. I am literally crying right now! The feels are so overwhelming.......i can''s beautiful!*sniffles* 
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Wow... it's very interesting style and very good story))
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Oh my freaking gawd!!Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] This is so lovely I love it! I'm loving.
I love you
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I am crying right now. 
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This is heartbreakingly beautiful Leo Pixel Icon Raph Pixel Icon Donnie Icon Mikey Pixel Icon 
TheLittleMermaid1809's avatar
oh my god I'm tearing up ......................
xShadowxSlayerx's avatar
This is so sad....
SpilledDarkness's avatar
aw geez I'm crying again
tamalero's avatar
dammit, there goes my tears.. gorgeous job :((((((
ilovemikeyomg's avatar
It's not doing anything...
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