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The Slender Man

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I don't think he likes to be seen.

awesome texture by *ShadyMedusa-stock
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22griflqHobbyist Digital Artist
2019! I love Slender Man! I wish he was relevant and popular again with more games and better films.
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AphelionMarsHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing atmosphere, I love how he would be indistinguishable from the trees if it weren't for the sharp angles. 
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arswissProfessional Digital Artist
I know you've been gone for a while but I still wonder how this makes you feel that this is the image that the news uses every time they talk about the case with the two 12 year old girls attempting to kill their classmate in the woods to "appease slenderman..."

Every time I see it I'm like "Yo isn't that Cashoo's art??" 
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HikenaiHobbyist General Artist
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Omega-ShadowcryHobbyist General Artist
Not the man you want to meet in an alley...

Or in broad daylight, for that matter.
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SpookyScreamzHobbyist General Artist
omgosh this has 666 comments
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Unbreakable-WarriorHobbyist Digital Artist
Really good work, this is creepy.. X'3
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BlackNightingGaleHobbyist Digital Artist
*shudders* It reminds me of daddy long legs, which I'm terrified of, so good work! Slenderman is definitely not supposed to look friendly, am I right?
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I love the atmosphere you put in it !
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FriendshipIsMetal777Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's awesomely creepy the way he kinda blends into the trees.
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CyanideMachineHobbyist Digital Artist
Chilling. :D
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this the slenderman that i know..... the one with armas like sticks... not the one with tentacles
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Doombringer64Student General Artist
Oh wow, I finally found who did this great image!
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mochi-mechaHobbyist General Artist
I read the iBook aout him! It was short but wonderful none the less,everytime he described Slender Man,this is exactly what I thought of! Brilliant
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XxXAnime--FreakXxXHobbyist Artist
SLender would murder me right away caouse I would annoy him by overexplaining animes, ships, and Doctor who XD
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sKrollinkHobbyist Artist
I love the use of colour and how he just blends in with the other trees.
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FatalKiss888Student Photographer
* . *
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tobyz711Hobbyist Writer
I've been looking for this picture and have been unable to find it till now! Thanks!
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jewfish108Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic. I can't tell where Slender ends and the forest begins.
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universal124Hobbyist Traditional Artist
incredible work on slendy
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SkyFlyer111Hobbyist Interface Designer
no seriously nice work man! :iconslendyplz: :iconslendermanplz:
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LaCrosse912Hobbyist Traditional Artist
of all the fan arts of him, yours is the best cuz it really shows who slenderman is and why is he so creepy. You got the feeling right. :)
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Dude I know right? xD
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