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Livestream Freebie Dump

Freebies I did when I Livestreamed a few months back!

I honestly don't remember all the usernames that I drew these for so I can't list them :( If I get everyone I can list them here.

ALSO, I won't be able to Livestream for a while because I have limited Internet access. I am able to go online everyday at the cafe down the street, but to do a Livestream I'll have to stay online for a loooong time.
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irocksogood's avatar
inspirational :]
kunehoGod's avatar
hey! would it be okay if i colored some of them? thanks!
DeathPixels's avatar
Hiyaaa may i use these "freebie things for practise?
I won't place them online. Just practise. ? :3
I rly love your artwork ^__^
goldsutyoutube's avatar
awwww....this is too mutch
KaBuKi-MoNo's avatar
I see Detective Fell. Thanks Cashoo :D
ichigochic222's avatar
aaah :D thanks again for my freebie! <3
lazer22's avatar
i love how clean your lineart is! Great work!
CloudiKitsune's avatar
Your style is semi-realistic yet every one of the characters looks unique just awesome :D
DNA-1's avatar
Lineart quality's really crisp, confident, and strong. I'd be curious to see you try work in the comics field.
Pirate-Cashoo's avatar
That means so much coming from you! I've been quite interested in getting into comics within the past couple years, but I haven't really found anything. Do you know of any sources or ways of getting into such a field? I want to do anything that could help me grow and get into the next level for my art. I thank you for any help there might be.
DNA-1's avatar
Your line art's top notch, so I imagine that all it's going to take is to put together a few samples and seek out an editor. Have any sample pages ready to go? If not, note me, and I'll give you specifics for a portfolio and a couple of editors' emails.

Cheers. :)
Energyzed's avatar
I love all of these characters! ;P great job!
i love that every character has their own personality. Man, i wish i could do freedies like that... fav :)
crochetamommy's avatar
awesome drawings
heysawbones's avatar
These are refreshing. It seems like you're going out of your way to vary heads, and I like it!
Pirate-Cashoo's avatar
Aww thanks, that means a lot coming from you! I'm glad you can see that.
heysawbones's avatar
It looks great. 8D
Majickplz's avatar
Ah <33 thank you for posting miss Sadee up! <333
talk about fun livvestreams!!
soxrule's avatar
great collection of characters!
dark-magician-nikoru's avatar
OuO I see mineeee~! :la: I still love it and use it as a reference picture :3 Thank you again Cashoo~!
ElectricMetis's avatar
I want that top hat of the dude in the middle... the one giving the viewer the stink eye
SapphicNeko's avatar
Those are so nice!
NoxxPlush's avatar
Reddd! 8D You drew Mr. Inventor there for meee~ xP And I failed at coloring him, lol. 8'D I should prolly try again, cause I failed a little less at coloring my lineart commission.. >.>

Anyways, beautiful sketches, as always! 8D
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