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I'm so bad with titles. I'm probably just going to let people suggest cool titles from now on. It'll make the art process more interactive anyway! :3

A hi-res commission/Christmas gift of Enzo forrr the amazing :iconbilious:! I kind of freaked out when I saw the character I got to draw, because he is AWESOME. I worked hard on this, but I had a lot of fun too! fffuck I really love this character on so many levels.

Once in a blue moon I'll even do fanart!? here is some more of the same character because I'm lame: [link]
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wonder dramatic light render and posing
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Love that gloomy atmosphere !
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Enzo is interesting. A talented drawing.
yellowpin's avatar
great job on the lighting and like how the back fades out. magnificent
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Your work is sooo cool, i love the colors and the scenes
toonmaker's avatar
its marvelous !
as for a title hmm "The shadow violoncellist" ! :D
lysha712's avatar
Looked through your linked website, love your work!
TurtleSensei's avatar
Yeah, that is a pretty awesome character! And you did a fantastic job on it! I love how he's snapping his suspenders!
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loooves it!! Perfect
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Dear Pirate-Cashoo
Your Fabulous artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:
you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
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That is an awesome piece of art, I like the attention to detail quite a bit.
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Spectacular artwork, I have to say.

I have never heard of the character, but this piece actually makes me want to look him up and read more about him. Otherwise it's really good and stands well on its own.
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Aw thanks! :) He's a really cool character IMO, you can read a bit about him here: [link]
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WUT totally random -- I couldn't help but notice Repo! in your sig. You are too awesome
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ah man enzo *A*
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Wow, you really did a great job on this. I know what you mean about titles. Whatever you call this it's sure to be a classic. I really like. Would be a great book cover! Merry Christmas! {^_^}
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No idea where the character is from but it's a very cool piece... Looks like he plays with a swing band from hell or something :)
AleksandrFairyartos's avatar
Awesome and perfect!!!
NoxxPlush's avatar
Ohmydayum, that IS an awesome character. DD8 -drool- I love your fanart of him tooo. Dayumm.

eeefreckles. <3
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